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AMC Trivia

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Trivia- Tidbits about Your Favs
Fun miscellaneous trivia about my favorite AMC characters courtesy of SID.

1. What kind of flowers did Dimitri and Edmund both give to Alex? Daffodills.

2. What nickname does Alex's mum call her? Alexia.

3. What creature was Alex and Edmund trying to catch in the hunting lodge? A bat.

4. How did Alex and Dimitri meet? Knowing that Alex was somewhat reclusive, an ailing Dimitri had a mutal friend, Sean, set them up on a blind date.

5. What food did Dimitri tease Alex about and refuse to eat? Mutton.

1. Why did Edmund come to Pine Valley? As an investigative reporter, he came to town to cover the "Who killed Will Cortlandt?" case.

2. In what city did Edmund kidnap Erica? Budapest.

3. Who called Edmund when she was suffering through a tubal pregnancy? Brooke.

4. Where was Edmund when he discovered that Dimitri was the father of Anton? On his honeymoon with Maria in Hungary.

5. Where did Edmund and Alex go public with their relationship? At Hayley and Mateo's wedding.

1. Why did David come to Pine Valley? He came to town to win back the affections of Allie Doyle.

2. What creation did David make to get many of Pine Valley's residents to fulfill their deepest desires? Libidozone.

3. On the night of the Crystal Ball, who shoved David down the stairs? Alex Devane Marick.