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2004- "I loved Finola in Stayin' Alive. I was obsessed with her headband. And that hair! I loved her hair and her accent and everything. She just had it all goin' on... and she still does."- Rebecca Budig on what soap star were you a fan of before you joined daytime. (SOD 2/10/04)

2003- Where Were You When the Lights Went Out: On Thursday, August 14, New York City- the city that never sleeps- seemed to take a snooze when a major power outage affected the entire northeastern United States. Like the rest of the country, AMC cast members were busy going about their business until a sudden lack of electricity put their schedules on hold.
     "[The day of the blackout] turned out to be my last day working with Finola [Hughes, now on recurring status as Anna]," explains Irizarry, "and what's so strange about it is that our characters had their first date on the show when 9/11 broke out." On the day that the World Trade Center towers fell, Irizarry says that the entire AMC crew left to cover the event for ABC News. As a result, production on the show stopped, which the actor says was actually a good thing. "There was no way that we could continue on with what was happening," he recalls. Nearly two years later, Irizarry found himself in a very similar position. "It just kind of underscores the fact that working with Finola has been anything but business as usual," he shares with a smile. "It's been an extraordinary time working with her. [We saw] two major events [occur] in our nation's history over the last 50 years [during] times that were milestones for us working together as well. It was very interesting, I thought." (SID 9/30/03)  

Fin City: Wouldn't you know it? Finola Hughes (Anna) is set to leave just as Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) can finally work opposite her without her knees knocking. "I'm like, 'Oh, cool, I'm working with Fin,' very relaxed. Before, I was like [slips into panicked voice], 'I'm working with Finola!' I'd like her to adopt me," she laughs. (SOD 9/2/03)

All About the Clothes: Although she is best known for her award-winning talent as an actress, Finola Hughes also is recognized for her superb fashion sense. In fact, instead of attending the dinner before this year's Daytime Emmys with her co-stars, the trendsetter partnered with Walt Wiley (Jackson) to co-host SOAPnet's live-from-the-red carpet preview show, where she spoke to her peers about their attire for the evening. "It was exquisite! I had the best time," Hughes shares. "Maybe next year if I do it, it'll be more organized. I lost a lot of people that I wanted to talk to [because there were] some glitches." Despite such mishaps, Hughes is quick to point out that she had a great time. "It lights up my shallow world to be giving commentary on fashion," she adds with a laugh. (SID 8/5/03)

Odds and Ends If there's anyone qualified to critique daytime's most fashionable night, it's All My Children's resident fashionista, Finola Hughes. She'll be talking the red carpet runway for Soapnet's pre-Emmy showcase on May 16. "I want to find out why people chose certain things to wear, and also what fashion means to them, anything as shallow as that," she informs TV Guide Online. "I'm hoping some of the young, cute girls go short. There's some beautiful couture short stuff out there. I hope people put a little imagination into it." Hughes let her own imagination run wild at the creative arts Emmy ceremony at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, mixing a stringy pearl top over a teeny black tee with Sex Pistols emblazoned across the chest. "[Designer] Anne Bowen lent this me beautiful top and I said, 'You know I'm just going to wear it over a cheap T-shirt, is that going to be okay?' and she said that sounds great," Hughes explains of her edgy mixture. "[Emmy nominee] Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC) gave me this T-shirt, which she didn't want, and I cut it up and put it with a vintage skirt and amazing diamonds. You can wear anything if you wear diamonds." Hughes would have worn a potato sack, as long as she could participate in the night's award ceremony. "I admire the creative artists who work on these shows, and I've collected so many friends from the crew," she gushes. "I'm proud to be here tonight." (TV Guide Online, 5/16/03) 

Idol Worship: Finola Hughes created quite a stir when she and her husband, Russell Young, appeared on "American Idol", as audience members, that is.  "Every single friend I know called me to say that they saw me on the show. Everybody!" laughs Hughes. "Its hilarious". So, how did she score tickets to the hottest show in LA? "I was in town and went to lunch with Nigel Lythgoe, who is the producer, " recounts Hughes. "We worked together 20 years ago. He gave me tickets for the next episode, I was his guest."
     And an excited guest as that, "I love the show. I watch it every week," enthuses Hughes. "It was exciting to be there. I met Simon. That was cool. Really cool. And I got everybody to sign my ticket. I'm going to auction it on EBAY for my charity, CAAF." So who are her favorite contestants? "I love Reuben's voice," she admits. "Clay's voice is wonderful, too, but probably more for the theater."'  

Aunt Farm" "I love Aidan [Turner, Aidan]," declares Finola Hughes of her on-screen nephew. "From the moment he arrived, I was taken with his inner confidence. He's funny; he has that good dry, self-deprecating English sense of humor. Plus, he brought me tea from England, so he's already in my good book! And he's easy on the eyes, you know what I mean?" The actress also appreciates that Anna finally has a blood relative in town. "I need people to talk to!" she laughs. "I'm hoping that they'll develop that relationship and the one with Maggie. I love Elizabeth [Hendrickso, Maggie], too, so I hope that I get to work with these two young people quite a big more." (SID 1/14/2003) *Click here to read more Q&A from Aiden Turner 

What daytime star from another ABC show would you most like to share a scene with? "I think Finola Hughes would be fun. I was a big fan of her in the film Staying Alive as a kid," says Brian Gaskill, Rafe on PC. John Ingle also chose Hughes, stating, "When I was on GH years ago as a recurring day player, she was so very kind to me." (SID 1/7/2003)

Who's the most stylish (Tie) "In terms of day-to-day life, Finola would be first. But Liz has the most precious, cutest, cool style, and she carries it off so well with her little body, so I have to say her, too." - Alicia Minshew, Kendall on AMC (SOD 1/21/2003) 

Devane Inspiration: "She's just inspirational," raves Aiden Turner (Aidan) about his on-screen aunt, Finola Hughes. "And, of course, English! When she's in the studio, it's like a home away from home. With her character being my character's auntie, it's almost like she's my auntie over here." Turner reports that Hughes is always up for a nice, long chat. "We've had many, many conversations, and we have tea together. It's be English tea, too- and maybe a scone! She's really good at what she does, and I've picked up a lot of pointers from her, not so much [about] ad-libbing the lines, but helping put realism to the lines and being more playful." (SOD 10/29/2002)  

Prima Ballerina: As a young girl growing up in London, Finola Hughes didn't take part in the usual fun and games that high schoolers participate in. "I was a ballet dancer and I went to a theatrical school from the age of 10," she explains, "so I was one of those awful, theatrical children, and then I grew up into an awful teenager." Because she was so "obsessed with ballet," the actress confesses that she didn't have a lot of boyfriends at that age. But that didn't mean she was around only female dancers. "The funny thing was, we were partnering up at that point, and that meant I would be dancing with a guy." All in all, though, Hughes says she was a good girl. "I only got caught once in the boys' cloakroom!" (SID 10/1/2002)  

Up Close and Personal- Off-key: She can dance, and she can act. But don't ask Finola Hughes to sing. "I have the worst voice," she confesses. Unfortunately, the actress learned that she isn't the only one who feels that way. "I did a record for a musical called Abracadabra, which I was a part of back in London. I had to sing solo, but no one knew that I couldn't sing very well." Although the Brit gave it her best shot, the producers had to work their own magic to enhance her voice for the final product. "When I was recording this thing, they kept saying, 'Oh, is there something else we can try? Let's try this," the actress recalls with a laugh. "They kept pushing all the knobs." (SID 3/5/2002) 

Up Close and Personal: Because he began his daytime career nearly 20 years ago, Vincent Irizarry (David) can easily recognize when there's chemistry between himself and a co-star onscreen. Such is the case for the actor and Finola Hughes (Anna). Although the actors showed potential together when she first came to AMC as Alex, Irizarry explains that separate plots kept them from further exploring a relationship between them on the show. "Her primary focus was different [from mine]. It just wasnít the right time, and it was a regret," he confesses. Considering, that Davidís been busy getting, well, busy with Alexís twin, Anna, as of late, it appears as though another opportunity has presented itself for the two to capitalize on that great dynamic. It also doesnít seem to matter what character Hughes plays in order for sparks to fly between her and Irizarry. "I donít think that we- Finola and I- have lost anything with Alex [being gone]," he says, "Itís still there with Anna." Boy, is it ever! (SID 3/5/2002)

2001- "Put Finola Hughes with a smiley face behind it. I've always thought she was really hot. It's a little ongoing joke we have. Every time I see her, I always say, 'You're so hot [laughs].' She's definately cute. She's a very pretty lady."
-Ingo Rademaker [Jax, GH] on who's the most beautiful woman on soaps. (SOD 9/25/01)

"As Helena is everything you probably wouldn't want in a mother, AMC's Anna is the mother you might ask for instead. The reunion scenes between Anna and Robin were heartwarming. That moment when Robin froze after hearing Anna's voice and the way she fell to her knees upon seeing her mother, that was magic. I'm with all of you in wishing that those scenes had taken place on GH. It seems unfair to long-time Anna fans not to have her reconcile with Luke and Mac and Laura. But at least we had the chance to see them together after all these years." (ABC Insider,, May 31, 2001)

Cat Woman: Has it really been 15 years since Finola Hughes' Anna Devane, as part of a thrilling GH location shoot, stormed lush Catalina Island in pursuit of a madman? Thinking back to that sun-drenched assignment, the Daytime Emmy winner shares an anecdote. "The first day there, I was walking down the street eating this amazing ice cream. I saw Sam [Behrens, GH's Jake] wandering around, the same as me, basically lost," she recalls. "But then this girl drives up, stops her truck, and says, 'Hey, Anna!' I turned around, said, 'Hi,' and she said, 'I live here. Do you want to see the interior of the island?" Not one to turn down the chance to observe and appreciate the unspoiled, undeveloped land protected by the Catalina Island Conservancy, Hughes and Behrens excitedly took up the GH fan on her offer. "We hopped in, she took off, and we spent the whole day with her, seeing the free-roaming bison and stuff," Hughes shares. "Catalina was beautiful!" (SID 9/4/2001)

"Daytime resembles nothing I've done in my career before. I have such respect for the actors who work in this medium because it's hard. I came to it a genuine virgin. The relationship between Finola and myself was magic. We instantly liked each other. Maybe it's because we're British." -Samantha Eggar (Charlotte)

United We Stand Fans rallied together with 114 daytime stars to raise more than $40,000 at the "Daytime Unites" benefit, held in Los Angeles on Oct. 20. Spearheaded by The Young and the Restless's Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), the actress called upon her daytime friends and peers to particpate in a benefit for the children of the victims of World Trade Center tragedy in New York City.
     "Our fund came about as we hooked up with the Children's Aid Society of New York City. We then decided to give the funds to children who lost a parent and start a college scholarship program so they have a future," Stafford explained. "We all came together and we're uniting for people, in this case for children."
     Stafford's close friend Finola Hughes (Anna, AMC) traveled the farthest distance to attend the benefit. The New York City resident spoke of her personal experiences on the Sept. 11. "It was the darkest, darkest day. I live in downtown Manhattan and walked home from the studio that day. It was so confusing." Hughes also commented on her character's new lease on life. "We have a new head writer, Richard Culliton, who has taken Anna to task, and he knows what to write for her," Hughes exclaimed. "He's gone in a direction that I wanted to go in and made Anna stronger and tougher. It's almost like she's fallen back on her roots of being a bad-guy. I want her to be the anti-heroine." (TV Guide Online, by Delaina Dixon, 11/2/01)

Infectious Humor: Vincent Irizarry and Finola Hughes share more than just scenes. "We keep passing our sickness back and forth to each other," reports Irizarry. "I got sick, I had a sore throat. She had it before me. Then I had it, then she had it again. We've been fighting it, back and forth. We're both basically walking petri dishes." (SOD 8/27/2001)

Pulling Out the Big Guns- when soaps shoot for the stars, sometimes they're on-target, other times they miss the mark: It's a no-brainer why shows reach for the stars. "Any buzz we get is good for the show because people get interested and tune in," says AMC Executive Producer Jean Dadario Burke. "If they're lapsed viewers, fans of the star get renewed interest. A familiar name brings anticipation. Hopefully, we deliver on that anticipation. I think we have with Finola. 
     That would be Finold Hughes, who was a daytime superstar as GH's Anna Devane from 1985-91 and then turned up as AMC mystery woman Alexandra Devane in 1999. "The thing is, we brought back the actress, not the character, which was very tricky," notes Burke. "I think the audience was hoping that she'd turn into Anna, which didn't happen. there was a period of adjustment for those people who were anticipating Anna coming back. I'm sure there was a degree of disappointment. I hope, however, that they like Finola enough to try to get attached to the Alex character.  
     AMC's gamble paid off because Alex was well-conceived, says TV Guide columnist Michael Logan. "It wasn't like, 'We're going to hire you, and then we'll figure it out later.' Thet knew what they wanted to do. I think that was successful." (SOD 2/13/2001)

greenfinola3.jpg (9115 bytes)2000- Everyone Together Now: Walking among the AMc dressing rooms, one might hear a dead-on recitation of the 'Everybody uses everybody' speech delivered by Brit tease Laura to Tony Manero in Staying Alive. Don't be surprised, though, if the sassy monologue isn't emanating from Finola Hughes (Alex), John Travolta's co-star in the Saturday Night Fever sequel, but rather her fairer friend and castmate. "Kelly Ripa (Hayley) does the whole speech!" the continental beauty notes with a laugh. "I don't even remember it, but Kelly remembers it all!" It is, in fact, just one of the many connections shared by the actresses. "We've become pretty close," Hughes reveals. "I love Kelly... She keeps me laughing. And my husband adores [Ripa's spouse] Mark [Consuelos, Mateo]. They get along very well." Eventually, Hughes hopes to unite Ripa with Ian Buchanan, her former GH leading man (he played Duke)- and an entertaining yarn-spinner in his own right. "I want to get them together and set them loose," she smiles. "They could have a storytelling fest!" (SID 6/13/2000)

Finola's Apple It has been exactly one year since Finola Hughes first showed up on AMC. In that time, not only has the actress gotten to know her character, but she also has familiarized herself with her new home: New York City. "Oh, I love it here!" says the Los Angeles transplant. "Manhatten has everything and more! You could not have a job, and you would still not have enough time to do everything here. It's phenomenal!" Hughes resides in the artsy Downtown area, "where there's all this experimental theater, so I'm going out all the time to see amazing shows." She is often accompanied by her good friend, OLTL's Catherine Hickland, wife of Hughes' AMC co-star, Michael E. Knight (Tad). "Catherine is so energetic and happy," Hughes notes. "On Sundays, we often meet up in SoHo to have brunch and shop. Michael and my husband, Russell, sometimes come, too!" (SID 7/11/00) 

"Buy your own place to live as soon as you can. And I did; I didn't rent for very long. I was very young- 21- when I bought something." -Finola on what's the best advice your mother has ever given you? (SID 5/16/00)

The Great Outdoors During her seven-year run as GH adventuress Anna Devane, the most exciting words Finola Hughes (Alex) could hear were: "Location, location, location!" During that time, the outgoing actress found herself sleuthing around a real-life Mount Rushmore, stalking a madman on lush Catalina Island, and making like Deborah Kerr in the Santa Barbara surf. "I loved going on location," says Hughes, reflecting on her road-trip days. "We did it so much, and now I miss it." Indeed, the Daytime Emmy-winner appreciates the figurative- and literal- breath of fresh air which location shoots bring to storytelling. "Soaps can be surreal," she explains, "so either you have to go inside that aspect of it, or you go outside and bring it to the real world." Yet while the high cost of lensing outdoors has now budget-conscious soaps balking at the prospect, Hughes maintains it's money well-spent. "Don't you think they would reap the rewards with ratings?" (SID 5/2/00) 

Don't Toy with Us, AMC: A horse named Scorpio, reaction to Waltzing Matilda, fluent in Russian (what spy wouldn't be?), martial arts expert, same last name, same face... if Alex isn't Anna, "Aggie, you've got some 'splainin' to do." (SOW 4/11/2000)

Darth Nader on AMC: Why isn't All My Children on its knees begging former leading man Michael Nader to come back as Dimitri? His return to daytime would rekindle the accidental breakout couple of the year: Alex and Dimitri. Firing Michael Nader has to be the worst soap decision this past year and probably the first time a soap has willingly destroyed a supercouple in the making. The sparks between Nader and Finola Hughes are what soaps are all about. (SOW 1/18/2000)

A Hughes Fan: While they share an on-screen closeness that is almost 'mother-daughter' in nature, off the set, Esta TerBlanche (Gillian) and Finola Hughes (Alex) have formed a bit of a mutual admiration society. "I love working with Finola," TerBlanche pronounces. "I really feel this connection, like I 'click' with her. I don't know if it's because we're both from different countries or what... But she is amazing! I really wish I had more scenes with her. She is such an honest person, and real. I love that." Hughes, in turn, has taken a liking to her ingenue castmate as well. "Esta is great, isn't she?" the 1991 Emmy winner remarks. "To have achieved what she has, coming over from South Africa and starting new here... I like her a lot. And her dressing room is right across from mine, which is especially nice!" (SID 5/30/2000)

"He's such a solid, reliable character. He's such a guy. He's a real guy." -Finola Hughes on what it is about Edmund that appeals to Alex (SOD 3/14/2000)

gonedimitri.jpg (10097 bytes)"Anything involving Michael Nader (ex-Dimitri), Michael Knight (Tad) and Walt Wiley (Jack) together in the same scene. I have laughed more in my seven years here than I did in my previous, ahem, 'x' amount of years." -John Callahan on What was Your Funniest Moment (SID 1/25/2000)

"I'm a relative newcomer here, but the things that stand out are the crew and the cast welcoming me as well as they did. They've been very kind to me in my first couple of months here, and still are. I love working with John Callahan, Vincent Irizarry, Susan Lucci and Michael Nader (Edmund, David, Erica, and ex-Dimitri Marick). Michael and I hit if off really well from the start, and we came from the same page, in a way. I like the twists and turns that the character has taken in the moment. There's a lot of vulnerability and a certain amount of confusion in the character, which I'm enjoying playing. Being part of All My Children is an auspicious occassion in itself, and it's just a lovely place to work." -Finola Hughes on Thanks for the Memories for AMC's 30th (SOW 1/25/2000)

1999- Pine Valley 101: Finola Hughes was nothing if not prepared when she joined the cast of AMC as Alex. The minute she took the job she did her homework. "They sent me a dozen tapes of a couple of storylines, so I sat and watched that," she says. "I got the AMC book and read up. I downloaded a bunch of things from the internet on each of the characters. I did it because my character does know these characters, because Dimitri tells her. If I wasn't to have that kind of information, I think I would have just read for my own interest, but it was important that I sort of had a little bit of background." (SOD 8/10/99)

Duke-ing It Out: Discussing with Cameron Mathison the far-out notion of him doing double-duty as Ryan and a recast for the departing Steve Burton (Jason, GH), talk eventually turns to his AMC co-star, Finola Hughes who went from playing a Devane named Anna (on GH) to one named Alex. In fact, Mathison, ideally, would like to see his and Hughes' characters share a connection of their own. "I always thought it would be a cool idea, having Ryan Lavery connected to [Anna's late husband] Duke Lavery," he voices. "Since we don't know who Alex is, it could be a neat tie-in to explore her identity through a descendant of Duke." Indeed, it was Hughes herself who fueled and fed Mathison's theory. "Finola said, 'It's a great idea, let's go with it,' the actor reveals, "but [the powers that be] have other plans for now." Nonetheless, he refuses to give up hope. "After all, the things you don't plan always work out better!" (SID 12/28/99)alex6.jpg (12914 bytes)

"I really like the whole Dimitri thing. It was very sad and I hate for him to be gone, but it was a good storyline. Worst Story? I can't say. Nothing was really bad." -Esta TerBlance on the best and worst storylines of the year on AMC (SOD 12/28/99)

Easy Adjustment: Finola Hughes is one busy woman these days. Ever since her mysterious character first appeared in Pine Valley at the end of July, she has been working nonstop. Amagzingly, though, Hughes tells us she's been able to remain relatively mellow. "I've actually been very relaxed, considering," says the daytime veteran, who won an Emmy during her 1985-1991 stint as Anna on GH. This time around, she attributes her easy adjustment to ultra-professional co-stars John Callahan (Edmund) and Michael Nader (Dimitri). "They have been extraordinary," she says. "And the material has been so well-written. It's much easier to tell a story that is well written than to try to make something work that is more tenuous." All this said, don't expect her to tune in and watch herself. "That," she concludes, "scares me!" (SID 9/21/99)

"Will Dimitri Return?: Viewers of AMC watched in sadness at what appeared to be Dimitri's final demise, as his portrayer Michael Nader exited his Pine Valley Role. But is this death the real thing? 'Maybe we'll be lucky and get both Dimitri and Maria back. I know they (AMC) have been talking to Michael and he might be coming back.'" -Marcy Walker (Liza) to fans at Super Soap Weekend '99 (SOU 11/9)

"Phone Home: Finola recalled during her autograph session, she got a phone call from a former co-star- Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH)! 'I held up the cell phone so he could hear the crowd, and he said, "Where are you?"" -Finola Hughes on a memorable moment at SSW '99 (SOD10/99)

"I have a very strong relationship with Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke). We're firm buddies. Kim (McCullough, ex-Robin) and I haven't spoken in a while. I haven't been able to find her, but I know she keeps in touch with another friend of mine, so I'll try a circuitous route. But Ian and I, we always stay in touch." -Finola on which former co-star she keeps in touch with (SOD 10/17/99)

"She loves really avant garde clothes. She's very downtown. She's really hip. She's right with it." -Candice Donnelly, AMC Costume Designer, on Finola Hughes Being the Trendiest Actor (SOD 10/10/99)

"Ironically, Nader's dramatic exit has showcased his talen and his sizzling chemistry with Finola Hughes (Alexandra). 'It was fun working with her,' smiles Nader. 'The real gift of having to leave was the absolutely well-conceived and well-written [story]. It was good material.'" -Michael Nader interview (SOD 9/21/99)

"One summer, when I was about 15, I cleaned apartments. I would never do it again. I can't even clean my house now." -Finola Hughes on What Job She Would Want to Omit from her Resume (SOD 9/21/99)

"LaRue Callahan also blasts gossip that a possible return for her was thwarted when 'her' salary went to Finola Hughes (Alexandra). 'Poor Finola. She came on as the bad guy and she didn't even do anything! I wasn't planning to come back this summer. [The rumor] that she took Michael Nader's money is also not correct. She did not take Dimitri's job,' scoffs the actress." -Eva LaRue Callahan interview (SOD 9/14/99)

1998- Good Things Do Come: Think actors are blase about winning awards? Think again. John Callahan (Edmund) was beaming after winning the Digest award for lead actor. "It feels so good," he smiled. "It's a great honor and a long time coming between me, Kin [Shriner, Scott, PC] and Tom [Eplin, Jake, AW]. We probably have about 40 years worth of acting experience between us and it's nice that [Digest] nominated some guys who've been around the block. It's an honor to do 'Best Acting.' I'm a little past 'Hottest Hunk,' so it's nice to move into this category." If Callahan has one teeny regret, it's thanks to that race against the clock while accepting his award. "I tried to thank everybody, but I think they said, 'Wrap it up' about four seconds into the speech. I just wish I had more time to thank people. [Head Writer] Megan McTavish created me and [ex-Head Writer] Lorraine Broderick expanded, and now Megan is back. It's been a nice circle. When it's on the page, it can be on the stage. I also forgot to mention Pat Fili[Krushel], the head of ABC Daytime. So," he adds wryly, "the next time you see me on NBC, you'll know why."

1998- Bridal Sweet: On a beautiful day in May, John and Eva LaRue Callahan traveled to Lyndhurst, a historic stone mansion on New York's Hudson River in Tarrytown. That's where they hosted the TV special, Weddings of A Lifetime Album, a look back at seven couples who have gotten married on a Lifetime Tv series since June, 1995. The Callahans participated in one of the ceremonies last November in the Bahamas, just a week before their own wedding in Hawaii. "We had such a great time, we actually thought about getting married in the Bahamas," LaRue Callahan reveals. "We thought, 'We're here- why don't we just do it?' But we found out that you have to be in the country three days to get a license." A highlight of the Lyndhurst taping was a call placed by the Callahans to let a California couple know that they'd been chosen for the next lavish TV wedding. "That was so exciting," LaRue Callahan says. (SOD 6/10/97)

1994- Brothers: John Callahan (Edmund) is pretty content with life in Pine Valley. "Generally, I have no complaints about the way Edmund has been mapped out storyline-wise," Callahan explains. "The twists and turns that Edmund takes are supported by the scripts." He's particularly pleased with the powerful connection between Edmund and his brother, Dimitri (Michael Nader). "I don't watch soaps that much," admits Callahan, "but I hear that the bond between the brothers is one of the strongest on daytime. The attention that Michael and I get from my fans is right up there with their concern about whether Edmund should be paired with Brooke or Maria. It took me by surprise the first time I read those letters. When you've got clearly-defined characters who are different, yet genuinely care about each other like Edmund and Dimitri, you can go a lot of places with that. It helps that Michael and I are friends and we respect each other's work." (SOD 6/21/94)

1993- The Scent of a Cocoa Puff: When John Callahan was hired to play Edmund, he had no idea he'd have to strip to the waist and climb into a mixture of oatmeal and Cocoa Puffs. But that's exactly what he did during the recent taping of a scene in which Edmund rescued Brooke (Julia Barr) from what was supposed to be quicksand. After playing scene after scene in the sticky mixture, John stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and became a tasty appetizer for every dog in the neighborhood. "As soon as they got a whiff of the 'quicksand', I was getting licked and nibbled at," laughs John.

"Since my husband, John O'Hurley [ex-Stephen, SB], is not on daytime at the moment, I'd have to say John Callahan [Edmund]." -Eva LaRue on Who is the best kisser on daytime (SOD 11/23/93)