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2003- ABC Soaps To Be Released on DVD: Buena Vista Home Entertainment plans to release compliations of AMC and GH on DVD in 2004. (SID 9/2/03) 

Kimberly McCullough: Was She Asked Back or Not?  Bad news, Kimberly McCullough fans. The actress, who played Robin Scorpio on GH, is not bringing Robin back again to AMC. Why not? That depends on whom you ask. According to ABC, an overture was made to the Emmy-winning McCullough (who appeared on AMC as Robin in 2001), but the timing could not be worked out. 
     "She was asked to return to AMC as part of the upcoming Anna/David/Leora story, but a scheduling conflict prevented her from returning," says an ABC spokesperson. "But with a new head writer on board, who can say what may happen down the road?" That comes as news to at least some in McCullough's camp. Asked if the actress had received any offers to return to AMC, her spokesperson insists, "No, not that I'm aware of. Kimberly did a little, couple-day role [a while] ago on the show but hasn't returned since."
According to her representative, McCullough would "possibly" be interested in reprising the role she created if she were asked. "She's doing other stuff, so I'm not really sure," the spokesperson cautions. "I always say, 'Never say never.' If we hear from them, we'll obviously listen to what they have to say."
     McCullough played Robin on GH from 1985-96 and 1997-98. She won a Daytime Emmy in 1996 for Outstanding Younger Leading Actress and in 1989 for Outstanding Juvenile Female. McCullough has completed a pilot for CBS called The Stones, described as a "dysfunctional family comedy," with Judith Light. (SOD 4/13/03)  

Will Robin Nest at AMC? A long-held wish of GH and AMC fans alike is to have Kimberly McCullough return to the canvas- either canvas. Now, according to rumor, AMC is picking up the ball and trying to lure the young actress back to Pine Valley. 
     The storyline would involve Robin's new baby sister, Leora, and would take place during May sweeps. McCullough played Robin on GH from 1985-96 and again from 1997-98, then repised the role in May 2001 on AMC, when Robin reunited with her presumed-dead mother, Anna (Finola Hughes). Hughes indicated at the time that the four-day stint was far too short. She told Digest, "I want to do a bigger story [with McCullough]."
     One possible impediment to any long-term return, however, is that it would require a relocation (or a lot of commuting) by McCullough, who is based in Los Angeles. AMC tapes in New York, and McCullough has been keeping busy of late with guest spots on Firefly, The Shield and Family Law. So, will she or won't she? Neither ABC nor a rep for the actress would comment. (SOD 4/13/03)  

2002- AMC Exec "Finola is here." One rumor that just won't die is the notion- widely disseminated online- that Finola Hughes will be taking her alter ego back to GH, which she called home from 1985-91. But AMC Executive Producer Jean Dadario Burke offers a firm denial of the speculation. "That's not true," she says. "Finola is here, and she has just signed a new deal. Okay?" (SOD 10/29/02)  

Congrats for their 2002 Emmy noms! Finola and Vincent are nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress and Actor. Tune in to CBS to find out who wins on May 17th.  More Emmy news... 

Ian Buchanan: "I'd love to be Duke again" AMC has contacted Ian Buchanan about reprising the role of Duke Lavery, but so far no deal. "They've spoken to me several times," reveals Buchanan, who originated the role of the enigmatic nightclub owner/mobster and Anna's second husband on GH in 1986. "I love what Finola (Hughes, Anna) is doing on AMC, and I'd love to be Duke again and work with her for a bit."
    Unfortunately, "While I've always said 'Yes,' it's never gone beyond that," Buchanan laments. "They run these things like beauty pageants nowadays- you know, like popularity polls. Playing Duke is still a great highlight of my life, and of course, Finola is one of my closest friends. We had a lot of fun back then, and I have no doubt we'd have a lot of fun again. Back then, we had (executive producer) Gloria Monty, who didn't have any fear. She committed to a story and we went with it. Nowadays, if they hear somebody turned off one television set they change the whole story immediately. It's bizarre."
     As for how Duke Lavery might fit into AMC's canvas, the show would first have to overcome the hurdle of Duke dying on-screen in 1990, after Gregory Beecroft assumed the role. No biggie: Roy DiLucca died on-screen (in the arms of nurse Bobbie Spenser, no less) on GH more than 20 years ago, but he's alive and well now, isn't he?" (SOW 3/12/02)

Mac Finds Anna:  Another Scorpio reunion took place on October 8th when Mac comes to Pine Valley to urge his sister-in-law to return to Port Charles.  

AMC "kills" Robert.  After reading a letter from Robert to Robin, Anna recalls the boat explosion and "remembers" that her husband died in the explosion.  

AMC Exec "Finola is here." One rumor that just won't die is the notion- widely disseminated online- that Finola Hughes will be taking her alter ego back to GH, which she called home from 1985-91. But AMC Executive Producer Jean Dadario Burke offers a firm denial of the speculation. "That's not true," she says. "Finola is here, and she has just signed a new deal. Okay?" (SOD 10/29/02) 

Oh Baby! Eva LaRue Callahan and hubby, John, became first-time parents on Dec. 6th when Kaya McKenna Callahan was born.  

Alert! Alex and Anna Lose Their Brother. Gabriel (Eric Dearborn) will be written off the show due to the change in head writers. Mid-September will be the time frame for Gabriel's last airdate. For more information, go to Eric's offical website.

2001- Stop the Presses- No More Double Duty for AMC's Hughes Insiders say AMC's Dimitri and Alex, played by Anthony Addabbo and Finola Hughes, will be leaving town this summer. Hughes' Anna will remain in Pine Valley, however. Sources also say ABC likes Addabbo and will offer him a role on another soap. (SOW 6/12/2001)

Rumored Sources say AMC has approached Samantha Eggar about bringing back the villanous Charlotte Devane. (SOW 6/12/2001)

Stop the Presses- Kimberly McCullough to AMC With all the talk of GH's Robert and Robin Scorpio on AMC since Anna's return from the presumed-dead, it was just a matter of time before one (and maybe both) showed up in Pine Valley. Kimberly McCullough, who has played Robin on and off since 1985, will reprise the role beginning May 30 for a few days. She will be reunited with on-screen mom Finola Hughes, now doing double duty as AMC's Alex and Anna, Robin's mother. 
    Since her parents were presumed dead in a boat explosion in 1992, Robin contracted HIV from her boyfriend, Stone Cates, in one of GH's most memorable storylines. She later had a tender romance with Jason, and then left Port Charles, first to attend Yale, and later to study in France. (SOW 5/1/2001)

AMC Fans Rate the New Dimitri When AMC recast Dimitri in Michael Nader's absence, many of his devotees protested that only Nader could play the count. Anthony Addabbo took over on April 6, and though Nader fans (specifically The Loyalists) have upped efforts to get the original back, his replacement has scored some boosters.
    In an e-mail to ABC and Digest, a fan claimed to be a member of "Anthony's Adorable Angels" raved, "We have a new hunk in Pine Valley, and it's Anthony Addabbo... The hottest male specimen to hit AMC. Besides his great looks, he can actually act."
    Another fan wrote, "He is doing fantastic and is giving the biggest compliment an actor can give another actor... continuing the true essence of the character." 
    The majority of e-mails and posts favor a Nader return after he sorts out his drug-related and legal woes. "There is only one Dimitri Marick, and that is Michael Nader," argues one viewer. "I will not watch AMC again until he is back."
    One fan came up with a solution for everybody. "[I] hope that if Michael Nader does come back, [AMC] finds a way to keep Anthony." It wouldn't be a first. Kevin Bernhardt, who briefly replaced Jack Wagner as GH's Frisco in 1984, was brought back the following year as Kevin O'Connor. (SOD 4/10/2001)

AMC's New Dimitri As reported in the 3/27 issue, Anthony Addabbo will take over as Dimitri while AMC figures out what to do about troubled Michael Nader. The star, who originated the part of Count Andrassy, was charged with selling cocaine to an undercover cop on February 24 and subsequently checked into rehab. 
    Addabbo (ex-Jim, GL; ex-Jonny/Rush, B&B; ex-Jason, Generations), who first airs on April 6, has been doing his homework on the complex royal. "They've loaded a bunch of tapes on me so I could see the relationships Dimitri had with different cast members. And so far, so good. I'm ready to jump right in there."
    The actor has his work cut out for him- he's filling the shoes of an actor with a vocal and organized fan base. "I don't find it intimidating," says Addabbo. "I know how they can come to love a certain actor portraying a role and how he plays the role and everything, but this happens in daytime so frequently that I don't find it intimidating at all. What I do find a little intimidating is making the Dimitri that I will portray fit in with the rest of the cast. I'm just here to do a job; people are either going to love me or they're not."
    The recast's message to the fans is: "I hope I can live up to your expectations, and I will certainly try. I will definately make Dimitri a very interesting and fascinating character." Tune in next week and judge for yourself. (SOD 4/3/2001)

New in Town Pine Valley's getting a new man and he's a big primetime fan favorite. Ralph Waite, who played John Walton on The Waltons, will be joining AMC. Waite will play the character of Bart and will be part of the mystery of where Alex Marick has been for several months. Sources say Bart's not one of the bad guys, but just who is he? Look for him to arrive in town when Alex returns at the end of February. (SOU 2/27/2001)

A New Mystery Man Ralph Waite has been cast in the recurring role of Bart, a mysterious man who will play an integral part in Dimitri and Edmund's discovery of Alex. Mr. Waite is best known for his role as John Walton on the television series "The Waltons." His first airdate on AMC will be Monday, February 26. (ABC Inside Scoop 2/6/2001)

2001- Hughes Takes a Baby Break! "Hughes and her husband, photographer Russell Young, announced this past June that they were expecting their first child. Since spreading that news, the mom-to-be has been shrouded in dark duds when on-screen, so as to disguise her condition.
    'As you may have noticed, I have the corner on wearing black around Pine Valley,' Hughes quipped in a letter to her on-line fans at 'Our esteemed wardrobe master, [AMC costume designer] Richard Schurkamp, has decided it is the only way to disguise the "bump". It is the first time he has faced the challenge of dressing a lady in waiting... I thank him for making me feel both comfortable and fashionable.'
    Having taped her final AMC scene in late October (to air Friday, November 17), Hughes now is officially on maternity leave; an AMC rep had no comment on her possible return date.
    How is the show writing in the absence of Hughes' character? Sources say that Alex's departure will factor heavily into the renewed animosity brewing between the British beauty's husband, Dimitri, and Edmund, her increasingly borderline ex-lover. Alex's surprising exit reportedly will serve to either reunited the sparring siblings, or perhaps explosively split them apart once and for all! (SID 11/28/2000) 

Alex sees Dimitri! "This should be a wonderful week for AMC's Dimitri. His neurological condition is finally improving and the time is right to tell wife Alex that he's alive. Unfortunately, Edmund plans to propose to Alex this week, by enlisting Hayley and Mateo to pull off an A Midsummer Night's Dream marriage proposal for his lady love. 'We spout a little Shakespeare, and then it gets very sincere,' enthuses Finola Hughes (Alex). 
    In the meantime, Dixie, who knows that Edmund is planning to pop the question, urges a stubborn Dimitri to go to Alex. Michael Nader (Dimitri) explains, 'Based on the history of what he's going through with this disease, he thinks it's inevitable that Hayward's treatments will not work. So why expose himself?' At long last, Dixie gets through to Dimitri, who decides to come clean with Alex. The count heads to Wildwind just in time to learn that his brother and his wife are engaged. 'He does take the chance, but at that moment when he hears the proposal and her acceptance, he finally says, "That's it."'
    Instead of making his presence known, Dimitri decides to disappear again after his treatment is over. But by the week's end, Alex, Edmund, and Dimitri all end up at the airport, where the count is departing for Zurich to get his affairs in order. 'That's where Alex thinks she sees Dimitri,' previews Hughes.
    Will the couple immediately fall back into each other's arms? 'The dilemma for Dimitri is his brother's happiness,' notes Nader. 'As much as he loves Alex, he's made the choice to give her to Edmund.' But for how long?" (SOD 8/22/2000) 

Oh Baby! Finola and hubby are expecting their first child in late October. The pregnancy will not be written into the current storyline.

Secrets Exposed! "It will be a shocking time for Alex when she finally finds out that Dimitri is alive. 'It will be interesting to see who she chooses, Dimitri or Edmund,' says Dadario Burke,'if she chooses either one of them. The question is: How will she react when she realizes all of the deception that's gone on behind her back. Is she truly in love with both men? What will the journey back to normalcy be for all of them?'" (SOU 8/29/2000) 

Mama Mia- Samantha Eggar's first airdate as Alexandra's mother, Charlotte, will be May 24th. Her last airdate will be July 10th.

He's Back! Michael Nader's first airdate is said to be May 5th.

Alex's Mother is on her Way! "Don't put out a 'missing person' ad for Alex's mother on AMC just yet. Although Alex and Edmund failed to hook up with the Devane matriarch during their recent visit to Wales, SID has learned that AMC is, in fact, looking to cast the role of Andrea, Alex's mom.
    Described as 'beautiful, but unbendable'- like mother, like daughter?- the character is slated to first appear some time in late May and air for approximately two months. Will the elder Devane be able to offer some insight into the identity crisis befuddling her daughter, to whom one character recently referred to as Anna? Stay tuned!" (SID 5/2/2000)

From TV Guide Online- AMC is casting for an actress to play Andrea, Alex's mother, for the next 6-8 weeks. Andrea will be attended to by a nurse and orderly.

Hunt Block Joins AMC "Hunt Block, who played Ben Warren On Guiding Light (1997-99), has landed the recurring role of Guy Donahue on AMC. Block's first airdate is March 10. Edmund hires Guy as a stable hand to care for Alex's new stallion, yet Guy may have his eyes on someone else at Wildwind." (SOW 2/29/2000)