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"It's always about the clothes. Anna is more masculine and Alex tended to be more feminine. I put my hair in a ponytail. That seemed to work as well." -Finola on how she made Alex and Anna physically different. (SID 10/30/01)

Well Suited:  GH's Anna is used to a rough-and-tumble life. But now that she's back in Port Charles, has her style changed? "I hope that she's got a bit more womanly in a way," admits Finola Hughes. "She's always worn great suits made by Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana. She recently wore a suit that had a Stella McCartney cut. Maybe we'll see a little bit more of a sexy Anna. (SOW 10/3/06)

I'm so behind as usual. Here's some pics of Finola from interviews last year that I still need to type up.

Is Anna Gone for Good?  The return of Finola Hughes to the GH canvas has been a resounding success. But is Anna's incessant popping in and out of town a sign that her days in Port Charles are numbered? Different behind-the-scenes sources have different perspectives of what's really going on. While a number of them insist that the network wants Hughes to stick around for as long as possible, another insider says that it has become increasingly difficult to work around her other career commitments, such as her show, How Do I Look?, on the Style Network. An ABC spokesperson says that Hughes' stay is "open-ended." (SID 10/10/06)

Q&A with Finola Hughes:  Fear not, fashion disasters! Finola Hughes is intent on making the world a prettier place one wardrobe at a time as the host of the upbeat makeover series How Do I Look? Here, host and sartorial stunner Finola Hughes offers a peck at tonight's emotional wedding-themed episode and admits to some of her own style missteps. 
     How do you keep a straight face with Look's pre-makeover messes?  Well, I take a deep breath. [laughs] I think every person who comes on has a tremendous desire to change. Once we show them where their [errors] come from, it sort of liberates them in a way. 
     But tonight's guest is different, right?  She is one of my absolute favorites. Her name is Sabrina and she's recovering from cancer the second time around. [She's] just stunning and had to postpone her wedding, so we're basically getting her ready for her [big day]. This girl was the greatest young lady ever. I admire her immensely.
     And she gets the royal treatment?  Oh yeah. Her hair had fallen out from the chemo and she used to have long, luxurious hair. She really wanted [that back], so we gave her extensions and she just looked like a princess. 
     After seven seasons, who's tougher to fix? Men or Women?  Oh the guys are pushovers! They're just happy if they look showered. [laughs]
     Is there anything in your wardrobe that you're ashamed of?  Definately! I don't wear them, but I keep them in a box. All I can say is that they contain spandex and shiny material.
     Did you know at the time that "Staying Alive" would be such a hoot?  We were shooting [director] Sly Stallone's little nod to Hitchcock where Sly bumps into Tony Manero [John Travolta] walking down the street...and he's wearing a full-on Yeti fur coat! I was fresh out of punk London at the time and thought, "Huh, this is pretty camp." [laughs] But I never thought it would be the sort of guilty pleasure it is now. (Damian Holbrook, TV Guide 6/4/07)

On her recent appearance on Regis and Kelly, Finola talked about her family life, joking about their primative vacationing trips, how her little kids referred to both of their parents as "mom," and how she ended up returning to GH.

TV Guide and Finola's blog confirms that the devine Miss Devane will be heading back to Port Charles in late June for a much longer stint. Yeah!

Finola looked stunning as usual on the red carpet and gushed with her soap daughter, Kimberly McCullough. GMA aired a short 2006 Daytime Emmy recap the next day. Click on Fin's pic to see more images. More pics of the Scorpio clan can be seen on my Scorpio Files site. Also, just put up pics of Fin's E! News interview from yesterday up too.

For a fun read, check out Entertainment Weekly's "Hospital Stay" article with Finola. Also, TV Guide has put up some great classic several Anna Devane clips. Then, check out SOD Online's Five Minutes with Finola Hughes.

I'm so behind in updating this site, but in the meantime, here's some more tidbits on Fin- New York Style Scene (scroll halfway down to see Finola with her Herrera bag), New York Styleweek 2004, Olympus Fashion Week 2005, and several pics of Fin at Fashion Week (scroll halfway down). Also found this blog- "And like Anna (Finola Hughes) she was really into the show, working hard to peer around her much taller seat mate to get a glimpse of the girls coming down the runway. As she was leaving, it was obvious she was in a rush. But she was gracious enough to take time for a random person (who was not from the press) who wanted a picture. Nice." (excerpt from

In July, Finola gave her fashion tips for  On 6/23/05, Marc Sachs with the LA Times posted an article on how Finola spends her weekend.  SID recently featured a "Where Are They Now" article on Finola.  She also dishes out summer fashion in the June 19th issue of USA Weekend:  "This summer, everyone will be wearing gypsy circle skirts in beautiful, sunny colors; espadrilles in rope or leather; and an armful of wooden bangels," Hughes says. Two other fabulours "now" items are "that white leather woven bag you've always wanted" and something nautical, such as while sailor pants. Back in April, Finola's Nordstrom event was covered by the Washington Examiner.

Finola's third appearance on Good Day Live has been added to the Promo section. During this interview, she says that she and her hubby have adopted a little boy named Cash.

Soapography featured a bio on Finola. Click on the pic to see more.

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