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"It's always about the clothes. Anna is more masculine and Alex tended to be more feminine. I put my hair in a ponytail. That seemed to work as well." -Finola on how she made Alex and Anna physically different. (SID 10/30/01)

Well Suited:  GH's Anna is used to a rough-and-tumble life. But now that she's back in Port Charles, has her style changed? "I hope that she's got a bit more womanly in a way," admits Finola Hughes. "She's always worn great suits made by Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana. She recently wore a suit that had a Stella McCartney cut. Maybe we'll see a little bit more of a sexy Anna. (SOW 10/3/06)

TV Time-  Clothes Call All this week on the Style Network's How Do I Look? B&B's Susan Flannery (Stephanie) joins host and real-life pal Finola Hughes to surprise a B&B co-worker with a makeover. (SOD 8/8/06)

Anna's Dangerous New Role! GH's Finola Hughes is back by popular demand! On Friday, June 30, she pops back into town just as Robert is really messing up any progress he's made in his relationship with Robin. But don't expect Anna to be concentrating solely on her personal life. She'll be up to her neck in danger while on her new assignment. (SID 7/4/06)

Scentsational:  Hughes likes the Diana (white  freesia and lily of the valley) candle by Reve de Vivre. "Since I wear lily of the valley perfume, I love this candle. It makes me feel like I stepped into a Monet painting. (SOD 7/25/06)

A Return for Finola! It's official! GH's Finola Hughes will again be returning to Port Charles later this summer!  The In Depth Story: Although Hughes' May ratings sweeps return was only for a few days, she left a lasting mark on both fans and bigwigs on "the fifth floor." Just a few days before the announcement was made, GH's headwriter, Robert Guza Jr., told In Depth, "I was a script writer at the time when Robert and Anna were having all of their adventures, and I just loved it. I couldn't wait to get her back. It just thrilled me when I realized I had her. And yes, absolutely, our best efforts are being made to get her back again."
     According to a GH rep, Hughes will start at the end of June and appear throughout the summer. "I dearly would love to have Finola back," Guza says. "She left a major impression when she was here. She's such a huge part of this canvas, particularly now that we have Robert and Robin on. I will do anything in my power to get her back." (SID 6/20/06)

Confirmed: As hinted last issue, Finola Hughes is indeed returning to GH. Anna will reappear later this month and stay in Port Charles through the summer. "She loves working with Tristan Rogers, Kimberly McCullough and the whole cast," shares Hughes' manager. "She thinks Bob Guza's writing is phenomenal. Most importantly, it's been furn for her. She'll be doing two shows (GH and How Do I Look?) for three months. She was gratified by the overwhelming response from the fans, and how positive they have been about her return. (SOW 6/13/06)

Buzz: Finola Hughes agreed to return to GH as roundhouse-kicking spy Anna Devane without any info about her storyline. "They didn't tell me anything," she confirms. "Jill [Farren Phelps, executive producer] just said, 'You won't be a villain and you won't have to take your clothes off.' I thought that was really funny. I guess she has to say that to certain actresses- but I laughed." (SOW 6/6/06)

Did Finola Get Her Fill of GH? Now that Finola Hughes has wrapped up her brief return engagement on GH, fans and industry insiders alike are wondering if the British beauty will come back again. If Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Emma Samms (Holly) were able to make their reprisals turn into longer gigs, why can't Hughes? "[Headwriter] Bob Guza did a ridiculously outstanding job," praises Hughes of her reunion with her fellow 80s fanvorites. "I've had a great time." But is the hostess of How Do I Look? open to more shows beyond this limited return? "Of course!" Hughes says with a smile. Might a reunion between Duke and Anna be next on GH's wish list? (SOD 6/6/06)

In Talks: GH wants Finola Hughes back. According to inside sources, the show is in talks with the popular vet to return as Anna Devane. Hughes dropped in (literally) for a handful of episodes starting May 12; she last aired May 19. GH went up in the ratings the week of May 8 , but the show approached Hughes about returning before those Nielsen figures came in. Reps for both Hughes and GH had no comment at press time. (SOW 6/6/06)

GH's Hughes Charmed By Guest Gig:  The bewitching sisters travel through time in the May 21 series finale of Charmed, and one of their stops includes a meeting with their mom- played by Finola Hughes. "I come back with Grams, so that's sweet," raves Hughes. "It's a lovely end episode. Everything is sorted out. It's a rounding-out of everything, because there is time-travel. It's really clever."
     Hughes was delighted to reprise Patty Halliwell, a role she last essayed in 2004. "I have a great costume," she enthuses. "It's all vintage '70s. You know how I am about clothes." The story covers about 80 years in the lives of the Charmed Ones, looking back at their past and peering into their future. There will also be a wedding- and a death. (excerpt from SOW 5/23/06)

On the Way IN Finola Hughes makes her grand return as GH's Anna on Friday, May 12. In addition to her GH reprisal, she will also appear as the mother to the CHARMED witches on the series' Sunday, May 23, season finale, airing at 8 p.m. EST on The WB. (SID 5/23/06)

Hughes That Girl? It'll be a Happy Mother's Day indeed for Robin this May on GH- Finola Hughes is back playing her mom, Anna. "We've been talking on the phone a lot," relates Hughes, referring to Kimberly McCullough, who plays Robin. "I adore her. She's an amazing young lady."
     Anna will be seen first when she "drops in" on Robert and Luke while they are both running from the law i the Maarkam Islands. "It's going to be hard for me to keep a straight face when I see Tristan [Rogers, Robert]," warns Hughes, who hadn't taped the scenes at press time. "We laugh a lot. He's very funny."
     Working with McCullough and Rogers again wasn't the only draw. "When Jill (Farren Phelps, executive director) called and said Bob Guza wants to write for me," smiles the actress, "I was like, 'Well, if Bob Guza wants to write for me, then let me get the ink for his pen.'" Don't miss Hughes' first airdate: May 12! (SOW 5/2/06)

GH: As previously reported, Finola Hughes is returning to General Hospital for May Sweeps. "I asked Jill (Farren Phelps, executive producer) if I could be the one to tell Kimberly (McCullough, Robin)," says Hughes. "She screamed. It was great fun."
     "It's going to be great working with Finola again," enthuses Emma Samms (Holly), who returns May 1. "I remember Anna having that big scar on her face the last time we worked together (in '85)." "We're in for a lot of changes!" adds Tristan Rogers (Robert), who's back April 17. (SOW 4/25/06)

Finola Back on Hospital Scoop! After months of speculation, has confirmation from an extremely reliable source that Finola Hughes is returning to General Hospital for at least a week or two in May sweeps. See? I told you all not to give up.
     Since Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms reprised their classic roles as Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton Scorpio in February, GH fans have been asking about Robert's other wife, Anna Devane Scorpio. Nice to finally know that all Luke's old pals will be reuniting in May! Since it's all being kept fairly hush hush, the ABC soap's rep had no comment. (TV Guide Online, 4/5/06) E! News also apparent announced Finola's returning, showing a clip of the famous Valentine scene between Robert and Anna from 1991.

Finola Returns! Hooray! GH confirms Finola Hughes is reprising the role of Anna Devane Scorpio. Hughes returns the week of May 8, joining Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Emma Samms (Holly). Her former co-star Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH; now Greg, AMC) had a feeling his pal would eventually return. "Finola was just in town and there is a very good chance she may go back," he offered when he spoke to Weekly on March 28. Hughes played the hugely popular character from 1985-92. She was last seen on AMC (as Anna and her twin sister, Alex) from 1999-2003. (SOW 4/18/06)

Finola Hughes Returns to GH:  Emmy-winner Finola Hughes becomes the latest GH star to return to the ranks when, according to a show spokesperson, she "literally drops in on Luke, Robert and Holly during May sweeps." The gig is short-term, but is left open-ended. Hughes originally joined the case in 1985 and played the role of the wily double agent until 1991, briefly reprising in 1995. In 1999, she went to AMC, where for four years she played Anna and/or her twin, Alex.
     "Her first visit will be a short one, but we'll see what lies ahead," says GH Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. "This is an extraordinary and nostalgic time for the show. We're absolutely thrilled."
     Echoing those sentiments is Kimberly McCullough, who played Hughes's on-screen daughter, Robin. "She actually called me to tell me the news herself," smiles McCullough. "Otherwise, I'm sure I would have heard from somebody else. I'm so happy!"
     McCullough also made the trip to Pine Valley in 2001, where Robin was reunited with the mother who was presumed dead in a boat explosion in 1992. "That was the last time I worked with her, so it hasn't been that long," says McCullough. "But I'm really interested to see how the dynamic is going to be between her and I and Tristan [Rogers, Robert] because I haven't worked with them together in about 10 years. That will be really cool."
     McCullough is fond of her on-screen parents, noting, "Finola and I have always kept in touch. She literally was my second mother. We're very close. Tristan and I haven't really kept in touch, but it's so interesting to go from working as a child with somebody and then working with them as an adult."
     As for what mission Anna is on this time, McCullough can only speculate. "I wonder if they're bringing Finola back to help reconcile Robert and Robin," she ponders. "And, if that's the case, I'm not sure who's she's going to side with."  (SOD 4/25/06) 

Actors We Want Back Now! Back in 1985, Finola Hughes debuted as secret agent-turned cop Anna Devane, one of GH's most popular heroines. In 1999, the actress popped up on AMC as Anna's twin sister, Dr. Alex Devane, and later delighted fans by reprising the Anna character as well. Hughes excelled at playing the strong woman whose quick wit, intelligence, and fearlessness helped them achieve their goals. Also known for her keen fashion sense, the actress now plays host to the Style Network's How Do I Look?, sells her own line of jewelry on QVC and has written the hilarious tome Soap Suds: a Novel. Having logged three years away from the daytime spotlight, might the working mother of two consider returning? "You know, I love acting. Where there's entertainment to be had, I'm all for that. Really, I love telling stories. THat's what soap operas are so amazing for and why it was so much fun to write the book." Interestingly, Hughes has been keeping track of her on-screen daughter's return. "I've actually been watching GH. I love Kimberly [McCullough, Robin] and that young gentleman [Jason Thompson, Patrick] that she's playing opposite." With Anna's husband Robert now back, too, this is one family reunion that's past due! (SID 4/25/06)

Finola Hughes on GH Return:  Rumors continue to swirl that General Hospital wants Finola Hughes back as Anna. What does the actress have to say about that? "We'll see," hedges Hughes, who last appeared on GH in 1995 in a vision to Robin. (She played Alex and then Anna on All My Children from 1999-2003.) "I would simply love to work with Kimberly [McCullough, Robin]. I always love working with her. She's a fabulous actress, and we always have an amazing time together."
     Hughes had no comment on whether she and the show are in talks. According to some insiders, ABC hasn't even approached her, while other sources maintain that the network did approach her but Hughes rejected the offer because it was too low. GH had no comment. (SOW 3/28/06)

The Big Secret:  Rumors persist that GH is wooing Finola Hughes to reprise the role of Anna Devane Scorpio. "I can't say too much about it," responded a cautious Kimberly McCullough (Robin) after the Emmy nominations on The View Feb. 8. McCullough admitted she has been in contact with Hughes, and they have discussed all the recent returns, including Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Emma Samms (Holly). "I think if the timing was right she would [come back]," McCullough added. "I begged her. I was like, 'Please! I want to play with you! Come back!' But we'll see."
     Insiders say Hughes would come back... if the price was right. But is ABC willing to fork over the big bucks? "At the present time, we have no plans to bring her back," insists a GH rep. (SOW 2/28/06)

Will Anna be Next to Return to Town?  With Robert back in Port Charles and his ex-wife Holly, soon to follow, is it only a matter of time before Paris resident Anna Devane says bonjour to Port Charles as well?
     The In Depth Story:  Given the return of two former favorites, is it too much for fans to ask that a third join the parade? Speculation is running rampant that the other Mrs. Scorpio, Finola Hughes (ex-Anna), might soon be jetting to town- especially in light of recent remarks made by the soap's top scribes, Robert Guza Jr. and Charles Pratt Jr. They said viewers should expect to see "old friends return... and maybe some old loves, too."
     When asked by SID if a Scorpio/Anna reunion was in the works, Hughes responded with a demure, "I'm not really at liberty to say."  However, she did share that she regularly is in touch with TV daughter Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and has been checking in on the show on a semiregular basis.  (Research, perhaps?)  "I've actually been watching GH," Hughes divulges. "I love Kimberly and that young gentleman [Jason Thompson, Patrick] that she's playing opposite. I think he's excellent, and I told her that. He's a good match for her."
     Hughes' fans can catch her on the newest season of The Style Network's How Do I Look?, which debuted on January 16. "The show's going very well," she enthuses.  A spokesperson for GH insists that Hughes is not returning to the soap.  (SID 2/14/06)

"Finola got really ripped off in my opinion, because how many dead baby stories do you have in one career lifetime, and she was phenomenal. I thought for sure that she would be nominated. The only thing I can figure is that because she left the show, people thought, 'Oh, well, she's gone.' But I just think she did such beautiful, beautiful work, so I was truly surprised that her name wasn't on the list." -Eva La Rue on what was the biggest surprise in the Emmy nominations (SOD 3/23/2006) 

Robin & Anna Scorpio Reunite! Kimberly McCullough had an impromptu soap-family reunion during a recent ABC Daytime promotional photo shoot in New York City. As a stylist worked on her hair, Ian Buchanan (Greg, AMC, ex-Duke, GH)- who was also at the shoot- made his way over to say hello to his former on-screen stepdaughter. The two embraced and caught up before Buchanan was called away for his time in front of the camera. Later in the day, Buchanan shared his plans for the coming weekend with Soaps In Depth. "Finola's in town," he said, referring to his and McCullough's former GH castmate Finola Hughes (ex-Anna). McCullough was in for a surprise, though, when Hughes showed up at the photo session to say hello at the end of the day! The young woman, who had just finished telling In Depth about being back on the GH set- "I kind of fit right in. I knew what I was supposed to do," she says- squealed and ran over to hung her GH mom as a beaming Buchanan looked on. (SID 11/22/05)

Daniel R. Coleridge's TV Guide Online interview with Finola, July 2005- Sassy soap veteran Finola Hughes bid farewell to daytime drama back in 2003. Life's less complicated for her now that she merely hosts Style Network's How Do I Look? instead of doubling as Pine Valley physician Alex Devane Merrick and her identical twin sister, ex-Port Charles police chief Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio Hayward. (Try saying that three times fast!) Ms. Hughes hasn't scrubbed off those bubbles entirely, however. She and author Digby Diehl recently cowrote Soapsuds, a hilariously clever novel inspired by her years behind the scenes in the glamorous and often absurd world of TV sudsers. rang her up during her vacation in Mexico to dish the minor dust-up her work of "fiction" is causing amongst industry insiders.

     So you're busy sipping margaritas South of the Border while your former soap colleagues fret over the book stateside?
[Laughs] My husband and I are more beer people, actually. It's safer while we're surfing.

     In Soapsuds, the diva star of your fictional soap, "Live for Tomorrow," forces her costars to change clothes if she feels their fashions upstage hers. Have you really worked with anyone like that?
Uh-huh! Sure. You sometimes come up against those personalities. That's the job! I think it's really funny. I exaggerated the s--- out of that in the book.

     That diva character, Regina Contini, sounds awfully like your former AMC costar Susan Lucci in some ways. The names are similar, she's been the centerpiece of her soap for decades, she hawks cosmetics on a cable shopping channel...
We needed that kind of a diva in order to have conflict in the book. The characters are just composites of people that I've met over the years. There lots of women and men! on soaps who are similar to Regina. It's really not based on one person.

     You wouldn't tell me if any Soapsuds characters were based on real people, since you probably want to leave the door open to work in daytime again.
Oh, I think I closed that door when I passed 40! [Laughs] I'll address this in the sequel to the book, but there are far fewer actresses over 40 than there are actors [of a certain age] on soaps.

     So you've no desire to ever come back to soaps?
I really haven't set out to close to door on returning to daytime, but I am really enjoying working for Style Network. I have to say, it's been really nice not to cry for a couple of years! I did a lot of crying, especially in my final year on All My Children. So it's been nice not to dredge up [unpleasant emotions] and just have fun every day. It's also quite nice to take the attention off of myself and help make somebody else's life better on How Do I Look? That's kind of a relief at this point in my life.

     Have you received complaints from anyone who thought you were writing about them in Soapsuds?
[Chuckles] I've had one call, yeah. I can't say who! It was an actress who referred to what she thought was a description of herself in the book. It was funny. She just called me a "brat." I told her I wasn't even sure that it was her... But this lady totally got it. She laughed and took it the way you're supposed to; it's all meant to be taken in fun. I poked as much fun at myself as I possibly could, too.

"The Tooth Fairy has previously lived only in the hearts and minds of children, but thanks to her new, critical role of educating adults on fluoride, she now has additional responsibilities," said Finola Hughes. "Therefore, it was important to transform the Tooth Fairy into a modern day superhero equipped with all the tools to help adults achieve a full lifetime of healthy teeth." Click here to read more on Finola's makeover of the Tooth Fairy.

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