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The Best and Worst of AMC, 1992-2002

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2002- Most Wasted Opportunity- Maria/ Edmund/ Brooke Triangle. It was a setup written in the stars: With Eva La Rue back as Maria, the show was perfectly positioned to launch a juicy tale of one good man caught between two good women. With strong camps rooting equally for Edmund/Brooke and Edmund/Maria, it seemed that this potentially blockbuster soap triangle would all but write itself.
    So, imagine our disappointment when said triangle never materialized. Instead of mining Edmund's agonizing choice for ages, AMC had him discard his love for Brooke practically from the moment he laid eyes on Maria. What did this accomplish, exactly? In our view, nothing- except to cheat viewers who had invested in the Brooke/Edmund romance and to badly dilute the emotional impact of Maria's return. That is far more criminal than anything "evildoer" David has thrown at the Greys. (SOD 12/31/02)

Best Tear-Jerker- Leo's Death (SID 12/31/02)

Worst Story- Proteus. Soap scribes, take note: Never launch a whodunit without knowing in advance whodidit. For proof, look no further than the Proteus plot, a character-assassinating, logic-defying labyrinth that stretched on even after AMC eenie-meenie-minie-moed its way to pinning the tale on Vanessa (Marj Dusay, who deserved better). 
    We know how this story began: During the summer of 2001, J.R. popped Ecstacy and Tad tried to track down the baddie behind Pine Valley's drug invasion. We know how it ended: with this October's deaths of Vanessa and (sob!) Leo. (Some payoff, huh?) What happened in-between? Let's just say we'd love to offer a cash reward to the first reader who can explain it to us. The problem: No one could possibly handle the fact-checking. We're not even sure if the show could tell us if, say, Vanessa's altruistic alter, "Nessa," was real or fake.
    What makes the whole mess even more head-scratching is that the story could have ended back in January, when Vanessa was revealed to be the international drug kingpin (or is that queenpin?) known as Proteus. But instead of cutting its losses when it had the chance, AMC let the plot limp along for another 10 months. We understand that the show timed the Proteus climax to coincide with Josh Duhamel's (ex-Leo) swan song. We just don't understand why.
    And the damage wrought by this months-long misfire wasn't contained only to Vanessa and Leo. When all was said and done, the victims of Proteus (the story, not the person) include Mateo, Hayley, Trey, Erica, Chris, Mateo, Simone, David and Anna, to name a few. 
    In the end, this story saddled us with a long list of cons- and the only "Pro" was in the name of the villain herself. (SOD 12/31/02)

Soaps' Best Supercouples Right Now- AMC's David and Anna.  Despite the fact that Digest regularly receives mail from fans clamoring for a David/Erica rematch, it's the not-so-good doctor's relationship with Anna that won out.
     As the story heated up, Finola Hughes (Anna) noted, "It's easy to play those scenes because of his history of being so bad. It makes sense for Anna to be with an anti-hero. It's very much like The Thomas Crown Affair; they start of playing each other, and then slowly they begin to feel [something]. I don't think these two will ever sit down and have cocoa." (SOD 4/16/02)

2001- Fan Pick- Best Storyline. Anna Devane Returns (SID 12/25/01)

Worst Exit: Our curiosity was tweaked when Alex and Dimitri left town after receiving a cryptic call regarding Ryan, Gillian and "Duke", but they haven't been seen or heard from since! (SID 12/25/01)

Longest-Awaited Reunion. Finally, after more than eight years, Brooke and Edmund once again found romance in one another's arms!  (SID 12/25/01)

2000- Hit Triangle- Dimitri/Alex/Edmund. We were thrilled when Alex and Edmund found comfort in each other after Dimitri's death, and even happier when their relationship moved beyond friendship, fairy-tale style. That's why we were just as torn as poor, loyal Edmund when Dimitri was resurrected yet again. But Edmund was the only one feeling any loyalty at that point, because his fiancee and his brother hopeed into bed immediately. Give AMC credit for not dragging out this story, and, in fact, using it to transform Edmund from a jaded, one-note character into a far more multidimensional and intriguing hero. Gone is the selfless martyr of the post-Maria era- and not a moment too soon. (SOW 12/19/00)
1999- Best Trend- Bringing Back Old Favorites- Includes Finola Hughes. (SOD 12/28/99)

Dumbest Male Axing- Michael Nader. Hmmm. Michael Nader (ex-Dimitri) was a multi-facted fan fave who had remarkable chemistry with his co-stars and heaps of storyline potential. He had a commanding presence and was equally believable as husband, brother or friend. And he was fired.
    Huh? We weren't consulted, and therefore not privy to the factors that led to Nader's dismissal. But the booting infuriated fans who had patiently awaited an Erica/Dimitri reunion, as well as those who got a taste of Nader's sizzle with Finola Hughes (Alexandra) and aren't buying the prospect of an Alex/Edmund romance. And Nader's rapport with on-screen brother John Callahan (Edmund) is sure to be missed, too.
    Nader's versatility made the brooding count a gold mine- he could play dashing hero, haughty royal or haunted lover. AMC kows it would make fans very, very happy if Nader's presumed-dead Dimitri were resurrected. And AMC wants its fans happy.... (SOD 12/28/99)

Best Couple- Dimitri and Alex. You know a pairing is magical when you grow to love the couple through only brief flashbacks. Dimitri and Alex shared a grown-up love, a love between two people who had given up on romance. (Think Once and Again in Pine Valley.) Sadly, the Michael Nader/Finola Hughes (Dimitri and Alex) pairing was not to last. Dimitri died, despite Alex's best efforts to save him. Fortunately, his body was never found... we know what that means.(SOU 12/21/99)

Most Welcome Return to Daytime, Best New Character. Hughes is one of the major stars of our industry, and when word came out that she was heading for Pine Valley, well, we couldn't stop talking. Hughes' Alex is feisty, opinionated and ready to go to the mat with the whole town, including Erica. Though GH fans remain sad that she's not in Port Charles, we AMC viewers are extremely glad to have her. (SOU 12/21/99)

The Best and Worst on All My Children. The announcement that Finola Hughes was joining All My Children as Alexandra Devane had the soap world buzzing: is Alex really General Hospital's Anna? If so, would this mean Anna would return to Port Charles? Stay tuned. Michael Nader's departure as Dimitri caused a fan uproar. (SOU 12/21/99)

Best New Character- AMC's Alexandra Devane Marick. (SOU 12/21/99)

Most Creative Plot- AMC: Alexandra Takes Pine Valley by Surprise. The arrival of Alexandra Devane Marick in Pine Valley shook some residents to their core and became one of AMC's most creative plot twists in years. Although it marked the departure of Dimitri Marick, the shock came when she announced she was his wife. Initially, there was the conflict with Edmund... and Erica disliked her immediately. Then there was David, who had a past history with Alex. Only Gillian and Eugenia accepted her. Although she wants to leave, Alex must stay in Pine Valley, which will surely create problems for her and for others. Needless to say, having Daytime Emmy Award winner Finola Hughes back on daytime to light up our screens is a true blessing. (SOU 12/7/99)

Most Improved Show- All My Children. In just one year, things have taken an amazing upswing for this longtime favorite soap. There are conflicts, adventures, love and romance. There are makeups and breakups, marriages and splits, humor and sadness. No more long drawn-out storylines, as things are moving a lot faster. Add some new characters and you have all the ingredients that turned this show into a surefire hit. (SOU 12/7/99)

1998- Most Missed- Maria Santos Grey. The ravishing Maria Santos was one of the most beloved, sympathetic characters in AMC history. She loved her family and especially her husband, Edmund Grey. The couple's problems started when Maria had trouble conceiving a baby. They adopted Kelsey's son, Sam, only to find out that Maria was pregnant. They couldn't have been happier... until the unthinkable happened. Erica stole their natural-born baby after Maria barely had a chance to see her. We thought Maria would live happily-ever-after when Erica returned the precious little girl, but sadly, she perished in a plane crash shortly thereafter. However, Maria could easily be brought back to Edmund because her body was never found. (SOM 11/10/98)

Most Irresistable- Maria Santos and Edmund Grey. Just one of those things- The renowned journalist was hot and heavy with another woman when he met the stunning physician. But soon, he had no choice but to abandon his current relationship: what Edmund felt for Maria, he didn't feel for Brooke, nor had he ever felt for anyone in his life. The two wed in a beautiful ceremony in 1994 in a centuries-old cathedral surrounded by friends, family and candlelight- an exceptionally romantic service for an outstanding pair of lovebirds. Alas, fate would deal them one blow after another, culminating in a plane crash that left Edmund with nothing but bittersweet memories. (SID 10/31/2000)

1997- Best Secret: Edmund's a Daddy. From the moment Skye snuck into Andy's lab and changed Maddie's daddy from Edmund to Dimitri last January, the clock was ticking, and cruel fate had suprises in store for everyone who stumbled onto the truth. Tanner was the first to know and go, following a deadly dispute with Mateo. Later, Skye wrote a tell-all letter to Edmund; Maria intercepted it, read it- then fell off a cliff in a piece of smashed fuselage. Brooke walked by the letter many times while digging through wreckage, but was distracted by a child pornographer. It seemed Edmund would never learn the truth. Then, finally, those who were in the know outnumbered those who weren't; Stuart... Dimitri... and Erica. Putting her get-out-of-jail card to good use, Erica raced to Wildwind and spilled the beans; Edmund's joy was palpable. We felt relief. Best of all, Erica's revelation was followed by Dimitri's flight to Budapest, where Edmund and Tad donned drag to get Maddie back. The Vadzel adventure, lighthearted for the most part, was a perfect ending to a year-long saga, kind of like a fine brandy after a scrumptious meal. (SOD 12/30/97)
1996- Best Tearjerker- The Saga of Baby Sam. "I, Robert Warner, relinquishany and all claims..." Reading those words on Baby Sam's final adoption papers, Maria burst into tears- and we choked up, too. The wrenching, well-told tale of little Sam's birth and adoption had finally come to a satisfying conclusion.
    Like Maria and Edmund, we spent most of 1996 on an emotional roller coaster over Sam's fate. The Greys instantly fell in love with Kelsey's baby, but the teen mother recognized that Sam represented power. When Kelsey felt hurt and abandoned, she lashed out with the only weapon at her disposal- reclaiming her baby. Among the saddest scenes on any soap this year were Maria's tearful parting with Sam at the airport, followed by Edmund's sad farewell at the Martin home. "It's going to be a little strange at first," Edmund reassured the baby, trying not to break down, "but you're going to be a happy boy." Oh, the pain!
    Who'd have guessed that former bad boy Bobby Warner would turn out to be the catalyst in Sam's return to the Greys? His insistence on doing what was best for his son helped Kelsey realize that the baby would indeed be happier and more secure with Edmund and Maria. In the splendid episode that marked the baby's reunion with his adoptive parents, Edmund urged his wife, "Hold your son, baby; he's not going away." Meanwhile, Bobby asked the moon for a favor: "For Sammy, I wish he'll be happy for the rest of his life."
    It was a classic soap tearjerker- and we willingly succumbed. (SOD 12/31/96)
1995- Best Contemporary Story. Over five million U.S. couples battle infertility each year. In 1995, Edmund and Maria became part of that statistic.
    In their quest for parenthood, the Greys faced the agony of three failed in-vitro attempts, then debated the pros and cons of surrogacy and adoption. It wasn't pretty: From her hormonal mood swings to his testiness to their joint disappointment at their failure to conceive, Edmund and Maria's emotions were raw and real. And while it looks like they might be able to adopt Kelsey's baby, the couple have learned the hard way that there are no guarantees.
    Because the story has unfolded slowly, the characters have been able to explore every aspect of their own pysches. They've examined how they really feel about themselves, about their families, about life. And isn't that what daytime is all about? (SOD 1/2/96)
1994- Best Brothers. Virile men on soaps show emotionwith hearty slaps on the back and stiff-armed hugs. But AMc has struck a balance between macho and mushy with Edmund Grey and Dimitri Marick. As childhood rivals, Edmund, the lowly gardner's son, and Dimitri, the boy prince, were always at each other's throats. When Dimitri learned that Edmund was Hugo Marick's illegitimate son- and his half-brother- he was not thrilled. And Edmund wasn't crazy about sharing Dimitri's blue blood. 
    Like most siblings, Dimitri and Edmund don't always agree. But when push comes to shove, they are in each other's corner. When Dimitri needed step-parenting advice, he asked "his little bro." And when Brooke gave Edmund the kiss-off, Dimitri provided the Kleenex. In Michael Nader (Dimitri) and John Callahan (Edmund), AMC has charismatic performers with chemistry, and they're making the most of it. (SOD 1/4/94)

10 Hottest Romances on Soaps Today- Edmund and Maria. The beautiful doc has come down with a serious case of love, and she's got it bad. When these two have a love scene, whew! The future Mrs. Grey is doing things for lingerie that would force Victoria's Secret out in the open. (SOD 2/15/94)

Funniest Story- Willow Lake Acres. Viewers who tuned into AMC during its Willow Lake Acres storyline were treated to a delightful change of pace. There was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edmund Grey, clad in tight leather pants, a fluorescent shirt open to the navel and wearing enough gold around his neck to choke a cow. "Hey baby, give me a kiss," he cooed to sociolite Phoebe Wallingford. Phoebe? That right. Edmund had been transformed into "Eduardo," Phoebe's Latin lover and part-time gigolo.
    When Giles Westfall breezed into town touting his deluxe retirement village, Willow Lake Acres, Mona, Myrtle and other seniors couldn't wait to sign up. They forked over their life savings, but Edmund smelled a scam. He decided to go undercover as "Eduardo" and then convinced Phoebe and Brooke to play along. As their elaborate sting to trap Westfall unfolded, other Pine Valleyites joined in the action. Some of the most hilarious scenes occurred between Brooke and Erica while they hid in a closet. When an enraged Erica promised to give Giles "a piece of my mind," Brooke shot back, "You don't have any to spare." But along with slapstick humor, this storyline also had passion. Who could forget the heart-stopping moment when Brooke pulled Edmund from quicksand and declared her love? AMC already excelled at drama; now it can add farce to its repertoire. (SOD 1/4/94) 

Best Bickering. You would think that as head of Pine Valley's royal family, Count Dimitri Marick could keep his in-laws in line, but even he can't stop the fur- and food- from flying at the dinner table. One night, the strudel went soggy as Edmund accused Maria of having an affair. "So how long have you and Del been lovers?" he seethed. Only Kendall wasn't at a loss for words. "It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who gets into trouble, and by the way, could you please pass the butter?" smirked Ms. Hart (before staging her own delicious battle with Julia). And who could forget the night that smart-mouthed Noah dropped by for dinner? "So this is what they serve at Weirdwind!" he said, picking at his salad.
    If you're looking for the best in Continental cuisine, wangle yourself an invite to Wildwind, where someone's head is sure to be served on a platter. (SOD 1/3/95)

Most Disappointing Wedding. From the day that Edmund and Maria first went Texas two-stepping, there's been nothing disappointing about this couple. We loved watching them fall in love, so we expected their wedding to be special. Production-wise, it was. AMC went on location to a magnificent Catholic church in Garden City, NY. But the wedding kept getting interrupted by scenes of goofy Janet fantasizing about starring in This Is Your Life. What was the theme- women in white? (Maria was swathed in satin; Janet was smoothered in Ace bandages, not wrapped too tight.) Much of the wedding's dramatic effect was lost because of its piece-metal presentation. Well, at least Janet didn't go on the honeymoon. (SOD 1/3/95)

1993- Brotherly Love. On soaps, it's always sisters doing the sharing- men, makeup and misery. So it's refreshing to watch AMC's Budapest brothers, Dimitri and Edmund, hash it out and ham it up at the family mansion.
    Whether they're bantering about Dimitri's new extended family or Edmund's journalistic ethics, the Marick boys do it with style. But there is a lot of pathos in their relationship, too: Who could forget the touching scene at Willow Lake where Edmund, fresh from another rejection from Brooke, cried in his older brother's arms? (SOD 12/7/93)