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Classic AMC Lines

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Alex and David spar after he discovers Anna in the turret (2001).
Alex: "I should throw you off this turret."
David: "Don't even make a joke about that, Alex. One time being thrown down a flight of stairs by you is enough, thank you."


Anna introduces fussy newborn Leora to Greenlee (2003).
Anna: "She is tiny, but she has the lungs of Kelly Osbourne."

Maggie tries to reassure a dubious Anna when David goes missing (2002).
Maggie: "Maybe he's planning something for the two of you, you know, now that you're back together- a celebration or something."
Anna: "Maybe. Maybe I should believe in unicorns."

Anna reveals to Liza why she can't completely sever her ties to Daivd (2002).
Anna: "I'm pregnant."
Liza: "God help you."

A pregnant Anna reluctantly sates her need for calcium (2002).
Anna: "Do you like milk?"
Leo: "Not especially."

Anna: "Me neither. Just be thankful you're a man."


Edmund presses David about his claim that he can cure Maria's amnesia (2003).
David: "What I'm here for are specifics about your antidote."
Edmund: "Like what? What? The chemical signature? The molecular signature? You want to know if it comes in grape or cherry flavors?"

Edmund and David seal their deal for Edmund to secretly fund the doctor's X-17 research (2003).
David: "Make sure I don't get thrown back in jail, Edmund. They won't let me take my Bunsen burner."

Anna seems less than thrilled when David gives her flowers (2002).
David: "Would you have preferred something else? Perhaps a lizard-skin holster for your .38?"

David scoffs at Alex's plans to stay at Wildwind (1999). 
David: "You plan to hang around Weirdwind? Help the help polish the silver. Floss the gargoyle's teeth."

Vanessa warns David about Adam (1999).
Vanessa: "I don't think you understand exactly how powerful he is."
David: "Even Achilles had a weakness, Mother."
Vanessa: "Don't you forget. I knew him when he was a younger man."
David: "Who? Achilles?"

David observes a penniless Vanessa living well at the Valley Inn (1999).
David: "Well, well, Mother, it looks like I owe you an apology. I once told you that you were too old and decrepit to be a kept woman. Clearly, I was wrong."

Vanessa and David squabble after she returns from a trip to Rio with Palmer (1999).
Vanessa: "Anyone who says chivalry is dead hasn't flown across the world with Palmer Cortlandt. A girl could get used to that kind of life."
David: "A girl? Or a dried-up, penniless shrew?"

David consoles Gillian who has just been rebuffed by Ryan (1998).
Gillian: "The whole world hates me."
David: "By the whole world, do you mean that tall guy with the muscles on his forehead?"
Gillian (dejectedly): "Yeah, Ryan Lavery."


Erica brags about her effect on men (1998).
Erica: "No man really stops loving me."
Dimitri: "It's you humility that hooks us."

Erica describes how, after choosing Jack over Mike, she felt compelled to say goodbye to Mike by having sex with him (1998).
Erica (defensively): "It was quite poignant."
Dimitri (amused): "I'm sure it was a lot of things."

Janet and Dimitri compare their bad deeds (1996).
Janet: "I've earned my reputation as a pariah- what have you done?"
Dimitri: "I kidnapped Gloria Marsh."

Janet: "Did you bring her back?"
Dimitri: "Eventually."
Janet: "Amateur."
Dimitri: "I almost ran down Erica with my car."

Janet: "Will Cortlandt- need I say more?"

Dimitri to Corvina (1995).
Dimitri: "Anton has compassion for the sick- and no one's sicker than Kendall!"

Kendall and Dimitri (1995).
Kendall: "You could start a support group with John Wayne Bobbitt: 'Men who love the women who cut them down to size.'"
Dimitri: "Don't you ever get sick of yourself?"

Kendall: "Can you just pretend I don't exist?"
Dimitri: "Watch us."

Edmund and Dimitri (1994).
Edmund: "I have good news."
Dimitri: "Satan wants Kendall back in hell?"

Edmund scolds Erica and Dimitri for fighting (1993).
Erica: "Your brother is right. We might as well be a couple of mongrel dogs fighting it out in an alley."
Dimitri: "Speak for yourself. At least I have a pedigree."


Edmund shares his mistrust of Alexandra with Jackson (1999).
Jackson: "Let's face it, Dimitri had pretty good instincts when it came to women."
Edmund: "You call Erica good instincts?"

Edmund puts down Ryan (1998)
Ryan: "I may not have any Pulitzers, but I am capable of a serious thought or two."
Edmund: "And I would love to hear one someday."

Dimitri and Edmund ask Gillian about the state of her marriage (1998).
Dimitri: "Gillian, are the charms of wedded life starting to wear off?"
Gillian: "Why would you ask that?"
Edmund: "The sounds of crashing glass and breaking furniture."

Edmund and Maria arrive at their home (1995).
Edmund: "All is quiet on the Wildwind front."
Maria: "I don't hear any pitter-patter of tiny pumps."
Edmund: "No, the media goddess won't be back for a while."

Edmund to Maria, as everyone frantically searches for Bianca (1993). Edmund: "Bianca will be fine. She's Erica in knee-highs- a diva in the making."

Brooke (trying to get Edmund to spill the beans about Tad and Dixie's affair): "You were dancing around a lot of innuendo before. Please spell it out."
Edmund: "I don't think I can spell innuendo."


Gillian describes her bridal jitters to Alex (2000). Gillian: "I think I have cold toes."

An angry Gillian confuses her relationship book lingo as she blasts Ryan (1999).
Gillian: "You've wasted enough of my time with your stupid Peter Pan boy-from-Mars syndrome."
Ryan: "My what?"

Later Gillian fills in Jake on her fight with Ryan (1999).
Gillian: "He's from Mars and I'm from Hungary, so it's over. I gave him his running papers."
Jake (confused): "I'm not quite following."

Gillian tells Ryan about her new hobby (1999).
Ryan (incredulous): "You play basketball?"
Gillian: "I'm no Magic Jordan, but I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself."

Gillian tells Edmund and Mateo about Hayley and Ryan's kiss (1999).
Gillian: "Maybe I should just stay out of this and let the fries fall where they may."
Edmund: "Chips?"
Gillian: "No, I can't eat."

Ryan is trying to comfort a trapped Gillian after the blast at Holidays (1998).
Ryan: "Maybe now would be a good time to tell you my pet peeve."
Gillian: "You have a pet named Pete?"

Ryan praises Gillian for her courage in trying to catch Lee Hawkins (1998).
Ryan: "You've got guts."
Gillian: "What do my intestines have to do with any of this?"


Aidan tries to dissuage Maria from accompanying him to the Bahamas (2003).
Aidan: "Look, where I'm going is way too dangerous for you, Maureen."
Maria: "Oh, sure, as opposed to my warm, cozy castle where some pyschopath is trying to use me as a lab rat?" (They continue to argue.) Aidan: "You know it's going to kill me if anything happens to you."

Maria: "Yeah, I'm going to kill you if anything happens to me."

Maria is furious with Erica (1995). Maria: "I'm going to nail her exfoliated, derma-lubed buns to the wall."

Maria's still furious with Erica (1995).
Maria: "I just want to go home and crawl into bed and not see Erica."
Edmund: "I've made arrangements."
Maria: "Like what? Concrete swim fins in her size?."