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AMC Calendar Highlights

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-Feb 17:  Maria and Aidan consumate their relationship.
-Feb 26:  Anna and David's daughter, Leora Devane Hayward, is born.
-May 26:  Edmund and Maria reunite.
-June 2:  Anna and David are devastated when their daughter dies in surgery.
-June 16:  Edmund and Maria renew their wedding vows.
-September 11:  Anna quits the police force and announces she's leaving David and Pine Valley.

-March 8 and 11:  Anna and David marry.
-May 6:  Anna meets her long-lost nephew Aiden.
-August 16:  Anna learns she's pregnant.
-October 17:  Leo and Vanessa fall to the death.
-November 25:  Anna officially resigns as police chief.
-December 3:  After Jack stuns Anna by professing his feelings for her, the mama-to-be learns she's going to have a girl.
-December 20:  Maria comes face-to-face with baby sister Julia.

-March 2:  Dimitri and Edmund are stunned when Alex introduces them to her twin sister Anna.
-May 31:  Anna is reunited with her daughter, Robin.
-Sept 20:  After catching Anna in his hotel room, an obnoxious David kisses her.
-Oct 8:  Anna is confronted by her brother-in-law, Mac.
-Oct 15:  Out to trap the devious doc, Anna sleeps with David.

-Jan 5:  AMC's 30th Anniversary show took place during the Crystal Ball.
-March 10:  Creepy stable hand Guy Donahue is hired by Edmund to take care of Alex's new horse, Scorpio.
-May 5:  Dimitri is alive and a prisoner at Bryn Wydd sanitarium.
-Feb 21:  Edmund and Alex kiss.
-April 17:  Edmund and Alex make love.
-May 5:  Dimitri's alive and being held prisoner at Bryn Wydd hospital.
-May 24:  Alex's devious mama, Charlotte, makes her appearance.
-Aug 16:  Edmund proposes to Alex in a magical, Midsummer Night's setting. She happily accepts.
-Aug 28:  Alex discovers a presumed-dead Dimitri at the Wildwind Hunting Lodge.
-Nov 17:  After Edmund and Dimitri argue over Alex during Ryan's yacht party, Alex disappears.

alex.jpg (14788 bytes)1999:
-May 20:  Tad and Dixie remarry for the third time.
-July 27:  Finola Hughes debuted as Alexandra Devane, the mysterious new wife of an ailing Dimitri.
-Sept 8:  Alex reunites Edmund with his ailing [and not so-dead] brother Dimitri.
-Sept 20:  Dimitri disappears, supposedly having drowned himself in the sea.

-May 27:  Trevor and Janet finally tied the knot.
-Sept 14:  Palmer knocked Tad out when he tried to stop Palmer from fleeing with his stolen Nazi art treasures.
-Nov 4:  Marian falls off a swing after Stuart proposes, then quickly accepts.
-Nov 21:  Jeremy finally wed Natalie.

gillianryan.jpg (18129 bytes)1997:
-Jan 8:  Thanks to Skye's tampering with the paternity test, Dimitri thought be was Maddie's father; later it was revealed that Edmund was the real father.
-May 23:  Hayley and Mateo's are married in at Hayley's hospital bedside.
-June 24:  Erica finally confesses to Maria that her "adopted" daughter Sonya is really Maria's daughter Maddie.
-July 10:  Erica is arrested for kidnapping baby Maddie.
-Aug 21:  Esta TerBlanche debuted as Gillian. The snooty newcomer accepted a ride in Jake's truck, but changed her mind when Kevin pulled up in a sports car.

-Jan 11:  After falling in love as cyber sweethearts, Charlie and Cecily marry. They later move to Silicon Valley when Charlie gets a job there.
-June 7:  Noah and Julia wed in a cinderella-like ceremony.
-Nov 6:  Adam propose to Liza in order to make Tad and Brooke jealous.
-Dec 3:  Jake falls out of a tree and meets Liza.
-Dec 20:  Adam and Liza are forced to marry for real when their plan to make Tad and Brooke jealous backfires and none will contest the marriage.

-Jan 24:  Tad wins custody of Jamie after a nasty court battle with Brooke.
-March 11:  Edmund and Maria marry in a romantic church ceremony.
-May 13:  Tad and Dixie remarry at Cortlandt Manor.
-May 27:  Trevor dumped his bride, Jane Cox, at the altar after discovering that she was really Natalie's nutty sister, Janet "from another planet" Green.
-Nov 14:  Refusing to believe she's in labor, Adam locks Gloria in a cabin and her baby, Anna Claire, dies.

-Feb 22:  Despite being attracted to Adam, Gloria marries his twin brother, Stuart.
-May 31:  Tad marries Brooke, who had given birth to his son, Jamie.
-May:  Eva LaRue arrives as Dr. Maria Santos.
-June 15:  Dixie meet Tad's doppleganger, Ted Orsini.

-Apr 13:  John Callahan arrives as Edmund Grey.

-Sept 9:  Michael Nader debuts as Dimitri Marick.

-Jan 5: All My Children premiered on ABC.