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Finola stuff from Fashion Week 2008

All you ever wanted to know about Anna Devane and her portrayer Finola Hughes!  And then some!

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Red Carpet Fashion:  Finola talks to the stars about fashion at this year's Daytime Emmys!  The Pre-Emmy show will air on SoapNet at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 20th.

"The always fashionable Finola Hughes was in her element at a Kari Feinstein display in Los Angeles." (SID 10/24/06)

AMC/GH's Finola Hughes posed with former AMC co-star Mark Consuelos at the opening of her husband Russell Young's exhibition, Horsepower, in Manhatten. Kelly Ripa told the Live with Regis and Kelly audience that Finola and Russell stayed at the Consuelos' home while they were in town. (SOW 1/8/08)

Finola Articles I finally got around to scanning:

SOW articles, 8/22/06 and 2007

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Celebrity Living article, 1/16/06

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OK magazine, 10/3/05

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Finola also did an interview with TV Guide on her show's visit to New Orleans.

Fan Faves Disappear... and Return!?:  Although GH's Anna was whisked off via helicopter moments after Eli Love's concert, Noah is seemingly elbow-deep in brain surgeries and Robert is totally MIA, expect to see all three veterans return to the Port Charles canvas come fall!
     The In Depth Story: The lackluster ending to the summer's Eli/Noah switch story seemed like a huge letdown to viewers who were overjoyed to see Finola Hughes and Rick Springfield spotlighed in a story of their own. "With both Finola and Rick, there were availability issues," explains GH headwriter Robert Guza Jr. when asked about the abrupt ending. "But I am very pleased to be able to report to you that during the fall, both of them have a fairly extended period of availability." Guza hints that Noah kind of liked the attention he got on that stage while posing as Eli - and he may feel a hint of yearing for that way of life. "That rush was a hard thing to forget," the scribe adds. "So when NOah goes back to his regular life opening up people's brains, it doesn't have the same attraction it once had. I loved the whole side of Anna. Who would have thought that Anna Devane, super agent, was also a groupie? We are going to do more with the characters and perhaps, not for sure, with Eli."
     And what about Anna's "other" man, Robert? "Let's put it this way," says Guza, "if Robert Scorpio were to find out that Anna were sniffing about a rock star or a neurosurgeon, how long do you think Robert Scorpio would stay away?" Hint, hint! (SID 9/25/07)

Who's Coming:  Hughes will be back for a summer story involving an unlikely romance. Teases Head Writer Robert Guza Jr., "If Anna and Noah were to find, shall we say, common ground, how will their kids, Robin and Patrick, feel about their parents?" (SOD 6/12/07)  More on Finola's return.

Finola has done some hilarious spoof promos for her show, How Do I Look? Check out the How Do I Look Officers promo and the Diva Wears Designer ones.

Returning: Finola Hughes returns to Port Charles July 9 for a fun summer arc involving Kimberly McCullough (Robin), Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Rick Springfield in a dual role as Noah and rocker Eli Love. "I'm just doing a handful of shows for now, probably five or six days," report Hughes. (SOW 7/17/07)

Top 5 of 2006:  Best Entrance- Anna made like a ninja when she saved Robert's life... only to then make her ex wish he'd stayed dead by blasting him for having faked his demise! (SID 12/19/06)

Okay, so GH's crappy portrayal of Robert and Anna as deadbeat parents so ticks me off.  Anyone who's every watched GH from Robin's arrival through the 1990's knows that Robert and Anna Scorpio were the best parents on that show.  That given, below are some Alex/Anna moments involving Robin. In the first, an upset Alex suspects that she somehow has a child in her past, not realizing until months later that the child is actually her neice, Robin. The next two images are some video captures of Anna and Robin's reunion.  More pics can be seen here.



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"Anna's smile.  She has a great smile." -Vincent Irizarry, as his altar ego David Hayward, to the question "What makes you laugh?


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