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*Feb 15Steve and Audrey become man and wife.
*May 21Young sweethearts Laura Webber and Scotty Baldwin wed in the park.
*Sept 28: Tony Geary and Genie Francis made the cover of Newsweek magazine due to the popularity of Luke and Laura.
*March 17Tania Jones is killed in a hit-and-run accident while shopping for Tony's birthday present.
*Oct 13Bobbie and Tony married in a surprise wedding in a intimate island hotel.lucyalan.jpg (8499 bytes)
*April 26: Lucy manages to get Alan to marry her, and plays the role of queen of the manor at the Q mansion. A mix up in dresses causes Lucy to wear a shocking red gown, which amuses the guests and upsets the groom.


*Feb 21: Ned married Jenny Eckert.
*Feb 15: Scotty and Dominique become man and wife.
*Feb 23Jagger and Jason had a fight over Karen.
*March 26: AJ learns that his fiancee Nikki Langston was paid $1 million by Alan to not marry AJ.
May 21: Jenny was run over accidently by Tracy after they argued over Paul.
*Sept 22: Stripclub owner Sonny dined with nubile employee Karen.
*Oct 27: Karent confides in Jagger about her childhood sexual abuse.loisned.jpg (8920 bytes)
*Feb 17: Ricky Martin joined GH as Miguel Morez.
*June 1Ned and Lois are married a second time in a lavish Brooklyn affair.
*March 22: Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold start a three-day stint as Jennifer and Billy Baggs, who run into Luke and Laura in an Atlantic City casino.
*Aug 16: Monica agreed to have a second test which showed she had breast cancer.
*July 17: Sonny went into a rage after discovering his girlfriend Brenda was wearing a wire.
*Sept 19: A furious Lois surprises two-timer Ned by jumping out a cake to announce she's the other Mrs. Ned Ashton.

*Feb 15Steve and Audrey become man and wife.
*Jan 31: Ingo Rademaker debuted as Jasper "Jax" Jacks.
*Feb 5: Sonny and Lily wed under the watchful eye of her mobster father.
*Feb 20: Jason's memory didn't return when he visited the site of his car accident with AJ.
*April 8Sarah Brown makes her debut as Carly Roberts.
*July 15Tyler Christopher (nee Baker) debuted as Nikolas Cassadine, Laura's secret son.
*July 16: Steve Hardy dies of a heart attack; his portrayer, John Beradino, had passed away in June.
*June 14: Just back from her honeymoon with Jax, Brenda went to comfort Sonny after learning that Lily was killed in a car explosion meant for Sonny.
*Sept 25: Nancy Lee Grahn joined the cast as lawyer Alexis Davis, Stefan Cassadine's cousin.lukelaura.jpg (3741 bytes)
*March 3: Dr. Pierce Dorman was pleased when Monica was charged with sexual harrassment against him.  He then continued to taunt and torment her and her family.
*March 7: With dead mobster Harry nearby, a trapped Sonny and Brenda made love in the catacombs, thinking they were going to die.
*March 21While searching for Lesley's records, Bobbie gets trapped in a warehouse fire.
*April 13Jax's unseen brother, Jerry, arrives and meets up with Jax.
*April 21Drunk, Carly and AJ have a one-night stand which results in her getting pregnant.
*May 9Laura and Luke turn over the Cassadine Fabrege egg when Stefan pulls a gun on them.

*June 27: Held for the murder of Pierce Dorman, Sonny busted Brenda out of jail.
*July 22: Jax and V were stranded together after Jax's plane crashed while in search of Brenda.

*August 1: In the Florida Keys, Sonny and Brenda confronted their stalker, the presumed-dead Hernando Rivera, Lily's mob boss father.  They were rescued on the 10th.
*August 4: Elizabeth "Liz" Webber arrived in town to spend the summer with her grandmother, Audrey Hardy. Four days later, she met her future boyfriend Lucky Spenser.
*Aug 13: Bobbie and Stefan's divorce was finalized.
*Aug 20: Sonny presented Brenda with his mother's wedding ring and asked her to be his wife, and she happily accepted.
*Sept 5: AJ learned Carly was behind his "fall" off the wagon, after figuring out that she'd paid a bartender to say he say AJ drinking.
*Sept 19: Brenda was humiliated when Sonny left her standing alone at the altar.
*Sept 24: Sonny skipped town after leaving Brenda at the altar the day before.
*Oct 17: Julia returns to town to comfort her left-at-the-altar sister, Brenda- who slammed the door in Julia's face.
*Feb 9: Bobbie is shocked to learn Carly is really her long-lost daughter Caroline.
*Feb 13: Liz is attacked in the park on the night of her high school dance.
*March 6Nikolas stunned his half-brother Lucky with the news that Luke raped Laura; and a delusional Tony kidnapped baby Michael.
*May 22After falling from the Wyndamere parapet, Katherine was presumed dead.
*April 1GH celebrates its 35th anniversary.
*April 24Upset over Tony's light sentence for kidnapping Michael, Carly shots him in open court and is arrested.
*May 1Stefan proposes to Katherine, giving her a ring that originally belonged to Laura.
*May 29: High on drugs, Alan got into a car accident with his daughter Emily, and then covered it up.
*June 19: Luke rescued Lucy from a killer-gown that the General Homicide killer had treated with deadly chemicals.
*July 9: Faking a breakdown to avoid prison, Carly is sent to a mental institution.
*July 27: After threatening a drug dealer, addict Alan Quartermaine was arrested.
*July 30: Brenda told a surprised Jax she might be pregnant.
*July 31: Liz accidently stabbed Lucky when she mistook him for Mr. Murty, who she wrongly thought was her rapist.
*Aug 10: Liz, Lucky, and Mr. Murty agreed to keep quiet her accusation that he was her rapist and Mr. Murty's being gay.
*Aug 14: Brenda discovered that her mother, Veronica, was not dead like she was raised to believe.
*Aug 17: Laura took the stand in Stefan's trial and was asked if she ever slept with the defendant. Laura lied and said no- but Luke, who was in the audience, knew better.
*Aug 21: Luke leaves Laura.
*Aug 3: Jax informed Brenda that her mother's mental illness was hereditary.
*Sept 4Bobbie and Jerry become romantic for the first time.
*Sept 11: Brenda plunged to her death in a car.
*Sept 15: Lucky and Liz shared their first kiss.
*Sept 17: Julia returned to PC to attend the memorial service for her presumed-dead sister, Brenda.
*Sept 18: Emily received an anonymous envelope containing nude photos of herself.
*Oct 16: Bobbie forces Carly, who's trapped in a sanitarium, to admit she's faking her nervous breakdown to avoid going to jail for shooting Tony.
*Oct 26: Katherine returns her engagement ring to Stefan.
*Dec 11: Bobbie and Jerry were upset after Tony threatened that he'd get custody of Lucas.
*Dec 18: Maurice Bernard returns to GH as Sonny Corinthos.
rubybye.jpg (30633 bytes)*January 29-February 2: After Norma Connolly passes away two months earlier, GH officially mourned the death of Connolly's beloved character, Ruby Anderson.
*Feb 9: Liz and Lucky share a romantic Valentine's day.
*June 11: Juan arrives in PC.

*June 17: Emily meet Juan, who thought he was Sonny's son.
*July 16: Lisa Cerasoli's (V) last day on the show. V leaves for a year long cruise with Simon Prentiss.
*August 3: Helena took the stand against Stefan, who was being accused of killing Katherine Bell by causing her to fall of the parapet.
*Aug 15: Alan and Monica celebrated their 21st anniversary.

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