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Scorpio Related Dates, 1981-2005
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llmarry.jpg (8921 bytes)-Robert Scorpio arrives in Port Charles and later teams up with Luke Spenser to defeat the evil Cassadines from freezing the world using the Ice Princess. The two become best friends.
-Nov 16th:
 The first day of the most celebrated soap wedding ever for Luke and Laura. Robert's the best man, with Tiffany as one of Laura's bridesmaids.


cityhall.jpg (21141 bytes)-Luke meets the stunning Holly Sutton and falls in love. Originally planning to con him into her family's oil scam, Holly too fell in love with Luke, and broke it off with her family.
-February 6: Thinking Luke's dead, Robert marries Luke's pregnant girlfriend, Holly, to prevent her from being deported. They marry at city hall in a simple ceremony.


lauraback.jpg (7165 bytes)-Feb 6: Robert married Holly, who was pregnant with Luke's baby, to keep her from being deported.
-Nov 11: Luke is reunited with Laura, who escaped from the Cassadines. They leave PC after becoming tired of playing mayor & wife.
-Dec 2: Robert, Tiffany, Holly, Rick and Leslie learn Laura's alive.
-Under orders by the DVX, Grant Andrews is forced to marry the spoiled Celia Quartermaine.


-Andrew "Frisco" Jones arrives in PC and joins Blackie's band, the Riff Raffs. He falls in love with Tania Roscov, serenading her with "All I Need", but she ends up falling in love with his brother. Frisco then meets Felicia Cummings, a spoiled princess chasing after her family's treasure, and the duo develop feelings for one another. She eventually realizes that the treasure meant less to her than Frisco.


scorpioswedsmall.jpg (8163 bytes)-Robert's mysterious first wife, Anna Devane, arrives and wrecks havoc on Robert and Holly's marriage. It's pretty evident that Robert's not over his first love. 
-September 6: Robert comes home to find a little girl waiting for him. 

-September 13: After Anna's arrival, Robert realizes that Robin is their child. 
-November 1: After overhearing that Robert and Anna are her parents, an upset Robin runs away.
-October 20th is Robin Scorpio's birthday.


ffwedsmall.jpg (9521 bytes)-June 20:  Felicia Cummings and Frisco Jones are married at the Brownstone. The bride wears a lovely, heavily laced gown while the groom wore his police academy uniform. When a minister can't be found, Frisco's fellow classmates help locate one, dragging him off the tennis court to marry the duo. Their honeymoon takes place in Sean Donely's penthouse, which is decorated is an arabian harem.


-March 17th:  Tania is killed by a hit and run driver while shopping with Felicia. 
-May 1st:  Anna and Duke's wedding is halted when the press storm Duke's Club to reveal the secret of L'Orleans. 
-Friday Nov. 16th:  The dashing couple of Duke Lavery and Anna Devane married to the tune of Scottish bagpipes in a fantastic church ceremony. Robert Scorpio, Anna's ex, gave the bride away, and their daughter, Robin, was the flower girl.


-Felicia's devastated when the WSB informs her that Frisco's been killed during a mission. Sean and Colton help her find his "grave" in Canada. 
-January 18: Anna fends off Grant long enough for Robin to escape before Putnam knocks her out and kidnaps her.
-February 25: Robert, Sean and Duke rescue Anna from nutcase Grant.
-March 18: Realizing Duke is walking into a trap, Julian is shot trying to warn him.
-April 7: Sean's shocked when Tiffany turns down his proposal.
-April 15: Anna meets Olivia St. John, not realizing she's mobster Victor Jerome's daughter and that Olivia has fallen for Anna's hubby.
-Sean Donely and Tiffany Hill are married at the Quartermaine mansion.


feliciacolton.jpg (8731 bytes)-Anna's devastated when Duke finally dies in her arms, bleeding from a gunshot wound by Julian Jerome. Robert calls off his wedding to Katherine Delafield to be by Anna's side.
-Thinking Frisco's dead, Felicia marries Colton in a nice park ceremony.  Unknown to everyone, the much alive Frisco turns up and is shocked to see his wife marrying the man who was ordered to kill him.


ffremarry.jpg (6979 bytes)-January 26: Felicia reweds Frisco, who was previously thought deceased. The wedding takes place in Sean's penthouse. The attendants are the same close family and friends from their first wedding.
-March 18: Katherine calls off her wedding to Robert.
-The mysterious Cesar Faison arrives in PC in search of some glowing crystals, which Casey the Alien needs.
-Oct 31: Felicia gives birth to her first child, Maxie.
-Nov 15: Anna and Sean formally become Maxie's godparents at her christening. Afterwards, Frisco's angered when his ex-stepmother shows up. 
-Nov 23: After he can't commit to marriage, Robert and Kate decide to end their relationship. 


wedding7.jpg (11336 bytes)-January: Gloria Monty returns, bringing back with her Tony Geary who'll play a new character, Bill Eckert, who's Luke's look-alike cousin.
-February 18: Mac Scorpio arrives and is shoved back into the river by his angry big brother, Robert.
-June 10: Robert proposes to Anna.
-July 19: Mac's nightclub, The Outback, opens.
-June 28: Robert Scorpio and Anna Lavery remarried in a gorgeous garden ceremony.
-November: Tristan Rogers announced he's leaving the show next February.
-December: Emma Samms returned to the show as Scorpio's ex-wife, Holly. Also Finola Hughes is fired after a spat on the set, so she goes on to do the show, Blossom, instead.


-March 29: Anna, Robert, and Faison are declared dead, supposedly having died in a boat explosion after Cesar Faison refused to let Anna leave with Robert. However, no bodies were found and Faison shows up, very much alive, later on the soap Loving.
-June 18: Anders Hove resumes his character Cesar Faison for three weeks on the show Loving.


-July 23: Stone Cates, later to become Robin's first love, arrives in Port Charles.


ryanfmac.jpg (8959 bytes)-Feb 9: Mac and Felicia's attempt to get married comes to a screeching halt when nutcase Ryan Chamberlain crashes the wedding and injurys Mac.
-Aug 11: Mac's friend, Melissa Manchester (playing herself), performed at The Outback.
-Oct 3: Felicia announces she's pregnant with ex-hubby Frisco's baby.


-Nov 14: Mac's crushed when Robin tells him she's HIV positive.
-Dec 1: At Sonny's penthouse, Robin and Sonny hold a memorial ceremony for Robin's boyfriend, Stone Cates, who's passed away.


-September 10: Robin and Jason spent their last night together in PC before she left for Yale.


-July 11: Robin and Jason are shot at while in the Scorpio living room by the Tin Man, who worked for mobster Riveria.
-July 28: After Jason learns that Robin has asked Sonny to release him from the mob, a furious Jason tells Robin he will never leave the mob for her.
-Aug 8: Jason and Robin say goodbye on the bridge, after which she leaves to study in Paris.


-July 24: Mac and Felicia finally become man and wife, while their best friends, Lucy and Kevin, decided not to go through with their double wedding after Kevin learned of Lucy's involvement in Serena's accident.
-July 16: Mac finally admits to Felicia that he's in love with her.
-July 20: Felicia and Lucy got their tatoos mixed up when Lucy got one that said "I love Mac".
-July 24: Mac and Felicia tied the knot in a double ceremony with Lucy and Kevin (who wound up not getting hitched).
-August 24: Robin and Jason survived an explosion exactly like the one that killed Lily Corinthos.
-December 21: Mac is hit after Moreno's thugs open fire on Mac, Felicia and Robin at The Outback.


cesarf2.jpg (6390 bytes)-March 5: Luke sells a piece of the Ice Princess to his fence, Kreige, not realizing that this man is actually the notorious Cesar Faison.
-March 29: On the anniversary of Scorpio's death, Luke tells Lucky about how he met Robert and how Cesar murdered Robert and Anna.
-April 1: GH celebrates it's 36th anniversary of being on the air.
-April 28: Cesar introduces himself to his captive, Lucky Spenser and tells the stunned boy the world thinks he died.
-July 12: Felicia & Luke get locked in the Q family crypt while snooping to find out Lila's secret.
-Aug 6: Felicia and Mac finally come face to face with Faison in a warehouse and demand to know where Robert and Anna are.


-June 21: Robin returns briefly to attend the Nurses Ball and to console Mac and Felicia on their upcoming divorce.


-Jan 23: At Kevin's request, Mac reduces charges against Lucy.
-May 31: Robin discovers Anna's alive and staying at Wildwind and they reunite briefly.
-Oct 8: Mac confronts Anna in her hotel room and chastizes her for not coming to see him.


-Mac moves back into the Scorpio house to watch over Maxie and Georgie while Felicia's gone to Texas.


-Feb 2: Mac is injured in the PC Hotel fire.
-March 1-2: Felicia returns to PC and comforts her girls as they await Mac's recovery. 
-July 16: Robin, Lucy and Kevin return briefly to attend Lila's memorial. 
-Dec 2: Mac and Felicia attend Emily and Nikolas's wedding.


-May 18:  Going along with Luke's scheme, Georgie and Dillon pretend they've gotten married in order to trick Tracy.
-May 23:  A new Maxie returns to Port Charles.
-June 8: Last air date for Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones.   

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